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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Psychology

Prospective Students

Admission Info

Our program is highly selective. It is difficult to specify all of the factors that go into the admission decision. However, we look for the following combination:

  • match between your research interests (described in your biographical statement) and those of faculty
  • past research experience (since this is the best predictor of a student's enjoyment of and success in research)
  • strong previous academic record and competitive GRE test scores
  • 3 letters of recommendation that particularly emphasize your research potential 

PLEASE NOTE:  All international applicants whose native language is not English and who wish to be considered for a graduate teaching assistantship must demonstrate fluency in spoken English. English speaking proficiency is demonstrated by scoring a minimum of 26 on the Internet-Based TOEFL (iBT) exam speaking section or an IELTS speaking band score of 8.0. This requirement must be met by all non-native English speakers, regardless of educational background or citizenship status.

Final candidates for admission will be invited to campus in February for interviews with faculty and students. It is our general policy not to permit interviews prior to this screening. (Because of the large number of applicants, there is simply not sufficient time to do this in a way that would present the candidate or the program as favorably as in our longer interview.)

Application Requirements

Apply online

•Application deadline: December 1

Important warning regarding letters of recommendation
You must inform the individuals who will be writing your letters of recommendation well in advance of the department's deadline of December 1.

Please ask them (we suggest at least 3 weeks before you apply) to have their letters prepared before December 1 so they can submit them immediately after we send our email request for their submissions.

Your recommender is not sent that email until you apply, so we also suggest you apply as early as you can. Applications cannot be processed until all letters of recommendation are received, and we begin processing on December 1.

Questions: Please contact Paula Houghtaling at or 303-871-3803 with further questions.