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Capstone Policy Rehearsal Calendar Ground Plan

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 New Paperwork: 

NEW!! Seating and Fire Code Planning Guide for JMAC

This sheet explains the updated seating rules for JMAC productions. A must-read before you do your scenic designs! 

Overview / Policies for 2015 Spring Capstone Productions

First Draft: 10/23/14- Subject to Change


  • Two cycles of Capstone Productions, all produced in JMAC Studios

  • Number of productions in each cycle determined by length/resource needs
  • Each production may run up to 45 minutes in length.

  • Each cycle’s Seniors will choose which (Black, White, or both) venues to use, and seating plans for each venue. Venues and seating plans may vary in each cycle.

  • $500 budget per producing Senior

  • The Department will pay the first $200 of any royalties/licensing fees. Fees above $200 will be paid out of the $500 show budget. Productions from public domain do not receive an “extra” $200.


  • Producing Seniors are expected to drive the process on enlisting design/artistic teams for their show

  • Seniors must confirm their design staff with faculty advisors by January 5

  • Students wishing to count Festival as production requirement must hold a position in BOTH cycles

  • Design positions will be available in each cycle (Lighting, Scenic, Costume, Sound)

  • Crew positions will be available in each cycle (Board Op, SM, Costume, Deck) 


  • Auditions will take place Week 10 of the Winter quarter

  • No precasting. Anyone wishing to act must go through the audition/callback/rep casting process. All actors must embrace the casting they receive. Declining a role is not an option.

  • All actors in a Cycle will act as scene change/deck crew for their cycle

Senior Class Requirements

  • Seniors to enroll in Practicum in Spring Quarter

IMPORTANT: during Winter Quarter, there will be weekly meetings (Thursdays, 4:00 – 6pm) that all producing seniors and their design teams are required to attend. DO NOT SCHEDULE CLASSES IN THIS TIME SLOT. Full attendance and active participation throughout the entire production process will be crucial to your final grade. 


  • Each cycle will be rehearsed, built, and performed in three-week slots: 10 days (35 hours) of rehearsal  + 1 day of tech + 2 dress rehearsals + 3 performances

  • Cycle 1 = Weeks 1, 2, 3 of Spring Quarter, performs April 8 – 12

  • Cycle 2 = Weeks 4, 5, 6 of Spring Quarter, performs May 6-10 

  • Basic rehearsal format: 7:00 – 10:30pm, Mon –  Fri, + 3.5 hrs on Sat. 

  • No rehearsals, construction, planning on Sundays

  • No other rehearsal times are allowed

  • Build Schedule: 2:30 – 6:00pm, MWF, with assigned build times for each show

  • Light Parade for each show Friday before Tech, Tech  on Saturday

  • Dress rehearsals on Monday-Tuesday/Open Weds, close Sun

  • 7 performances:  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday X2, Sunday X2

  • Week 7:  February 19, 4pm Cycle 1 Design Presentations

  • Week 8:  February 26, 4pm Cycle 2 Design Presentations
    1. All Week - Cycle 1 Estimations and Design Comments to Directors
  • Week 9:  March 3, Final Drawings for Cycle 1 Due
    1. All Week - Cycle 2 Estimations and Design Comments to Directors
  • Week 10:  March 9, 7pm General Auditions
    1. March 10, 7pm Cycle 1 Callbacks 
      Final Drawings for Cycle 2 Due
    2. March 11, 7pm Cycle 2 Callbacks
    3. March 12, 4pm Master Casting Session