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Strategic Issues Program

Money, Elections and Citizens United: Campaign Finance Reform for Colorado

The Strategic Issues Panel has just concluded its study of campaign finance, examining the explosive growth of money in politics and assessing its impact on our democracy, both in Colorado and across the nation. Read the panel's report, "Money, Elections and Citizens United: Campaign Finance Reform for Colorado," here.

The University of Denver Strategic Issues Program

As a part of its commitment to serve the public good, the University of Denver regularly convenes a group of citizens to examine an issue of particular importance to the people of Colorado. These groups, called strategic issues panels, reflect the University's belief that, as an independent institution, it is in a unique position to make contributions to the state that has been home to the University since our founding in 1864. In a real sense, these panels affirm the values of informed civil discourse, intellectual freedom, open communication and rigor that guide the University of Denver itself.