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Josef Korbel School of International Studies


Student Profiles

Peter Rocco | First Year MA Candidate

Peter Rocco, MA Candidate at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Education: BA, German and Sociology, Bowdoin College

Program at the Josef Korbel School: International Studies

What work experience do you have? 2 years as a legislative assistant and scheduler for a Member of Congress, 2.5 years as a researcher for CQ Roll Call (Washington, DC), 6 months as a researcher for Edison Research (Somerville, NJ), 1 year as a substitute teacher at Poly Prep Country Day School (Brooklyn, NY).

Why did you choose the Josef Korbel School? I saw Korbel as an alternate path to the DC/East Coast-centric international relations schools, several of which I turned down in favor of Korbel. I felt that after five years living and working in DC, I could afford to be away for two. Having said that, I still had some apprehensions, and in that regard the admissions staff was extremely helpful. They were far and away more responsive and accessible than at any other school I dealt with. Ultimately the Sie Fellowship presented an opportunity I felt I could not pass up.

What are your career goals? Those are still in flux, but very broadly speaking I would like to work for the federal government, probably in the Executive Branch. I have been interested in the Foreign Service for a long time. I passed the test twice but have not gotten to the final stage yet. That's definitely a path I could see myself going down.

So far, how has the Josef Korbel School prepared you for your career? The career services staff have been a great help with refining my resume and writing statements of interest for fellowship and internship applications. Over winter break I went on the DC Career Connections Trip, which opened my eyes to a few employers and career paths I hadn't thought of previously.

Have you completed an internship while at the Josef Korbel School? I have not completed an internship yet, but I was recently offered a position with the Public Affairs section of U.S. Embassy Moscow for next summer.

Favorite place to study: Anderson Academic Commons

Favorite place to unwind: The Pioneer

Favorite Denver/Colorado activity: Pub trivia at The Pio, Ultimate Frisbee in Observatory Park

Favorite spot abroad: Berlin