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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry & Biochemistry

More than test tubes

Chemistry has been an important discipline at Denver University since 1864, the year that the University was founded.  No longer confined to beakers and test tubes, chemistry at DU has blossomed into a personal and robust program that includes small classes taught by experienced faculty who are highly recognized in their fields of study. Classes are both lecture- and experience-based, with instructional laboratories using modern instrumentation and teaching methods. 

Dynamic faculty

Our dynamic faculty performs cutting-edge research in a wide variety of fields, from traditional organic synthesis to in-vivo EPR spectroscopy and environmental chemistry. We have about 30 students in our MS and PhD programs and most of our faculty members have external grant funding for their research.   Many of our undergraduate majors contribute to research projects in partnership with our faculty.  

Making a difference in the world

Graduates from our department are employed in both academia and industry, and are doing work that varies from teaching at small colleges to drug discovery, from instrument development to hazardous waste management.

The Department offices are located at 2190 E. Iliff Avenue, Denver CO., 80208, in Olin Hall, room 202.  Please come and visit us!  Contact the department at