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Division Of Natural Sciences & MathematicsMolecular and Cellular Biophysics Program


Molecular and Cellular Biophysics

MCB Faculty

Joseph Angleson (Biological Sciences) Cell physiology of endocrine cells: spatial-temporal aspects of intracellular signaling and vesicle trafficking.

J. Todd Blankenship (Biological Sciences) Dynamic regulation of epithelial tissue architecture.

Scott Barbee (Biological Sciences) Dynamics of mRNPs in neurons in vivo.

Gareth R. Eaton (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Imaging local oxygen concentration in vivo.

Sandra E. Eaton (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Measurement of distances between paramagnetic centers in proteins.

Kingshuk Ghosh (Physics & Astronomy) Theoretical statistical mechanics to model the thermodynamics and kinetics of protein folding, misfolding, aggregation, and the role of fluctuations in biology.

Michelle Knowles (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Membrane fusion and transport of chemicals across the plasma membrane. Also check Chemistry Department for more details.

Daniel Linseman (Biological Sciences) Mitochondrial oxidative stress and intrinsic apoptosis in neurodegeneration.

Dinah Loerke (Physics & Astronomy) Quantitative image analysis and spatiotemporal dynamics of cellular and subcellular events.

Nancy M. Lorenzon (Biological Sciences) Calcium channels and signaling in muscle and neurons.

Martin Margittai (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Protein folding and misfolding related to neurodegenerative diseases. Also check Chemistry Department for more details.

Alysia Mortimer (Biological Sciences) Oxidative stress and protein aggregation in aging and neurodegeneration.

David Patterson (Biological Sciences) Biophysical and metabolomic analysis of human inborn errors of metabolism and chromosomal disorders.

Scott Pegan (Chemistry & Biochemistry) Using structural biology to investigate proteins involved in infectious disease and innate immune response. Also check Chemistry Department for more details.

Mark Siemens (Physics & Astronomy) Ultrafast optics for experimental measurements of thermal transport dynamics in cells and charge transport dynamics in polymer and small molecule thin films.