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The Resource Center for Separating & Divorcing Families


Please note, we are not accepting new clients at this time.  If you would like more information please call 303-871-3700.

Please click on the link below for a short video about RCSDF

Dear Prospective Clients, Students, and Interested Professionals,

Welcome to the Resource Center for Separating and Divorcing Families (RCSDF)! We provide comprehensive and affordable legal dispute resolution, therapeutic, support, and educational services for separating and divorcing families in the Denver metro area. 

The RCSDF opened in September 2013 and is the first of its kind in the country; we provide these services in an interdisciplinary and coordinated manner. We are committed to providing resources to families that enable parents to create or maintain a healthy family environment through the transition period and beyond.  While divorce and separation can be challenging for children and adolescents, it need not interfere with their overall health and well-being. With their parents' help and understanding, most children navigate their way through the changes in their family and adjust to their new circumstances.  Importantly, the choices you make now will have a significant difference in your children's lives.

If you choose to come to our Center, we commit to provide you with several things. First, we seek to provide you with the most current knowledge on the subject of children's adjustment to their parents' separation. Second, we help you identify the things you can do during this time to foster resilience in your family. Third, we offer you an alternative dispute resolution model outside the court system. And finally, you and your co-parent can "opt" to have your final court hearing held at the RCSDF if you reach agreement. 

At the end of the day, it is our belief that all separating families can benefit from a supportive hand. As one parent recently said, "When your commitment ends, the commitment to your kids needs to be paid attention to on a higher level". At the RCSDF, you will have access to services that will help you and your co-parent make that commitment to your children.

Melinda Taylor, Executive Director, RCSDF
Denise Brenig-Glunz, MSW Supervisor, RCSDF
Beth Henson, Attorney Mediator Supervisor, RCSDF
Kirk Thoreson, Psychologist Supervisor, RCSDF