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Ritchie CenterAdult Hockey & Public Skate

Learn to Play Hockey | Adult Hockey & Public Skate

Adult Learn to Skate


Adult Learn to Skate participants learn skating basics and usually advance to the adult Learn to Play Hockey program.

Adult 1

Skaters will learn:
  • falling and recovering
  • forward strides and glides
  • forward and backward swizzles
  • backward skating
  • forward one-foot glides
  • two-foot turns in place
  • snowplow stops
  • forward curves on two feet
  • forward half swizzle pumps

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Adult 2

Skaters will learn:
  • forward stroking
  • backward half swizzle pumps
  • moving two-foot turns
  • forward edges
  • forward crossovers
  • backward one-foot glides
  • forward pivots
  • forward chassés

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Adult 3

Skaters will learn:
  • backward edges
  • backward crossovers
  • inside Mohawk
  • basic forward outside and forward inside
  • forward progressives
  • beginning two-foot spins
  • backward snowplow stops

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Adult 4

Skaters will learn:
  • forward three-turns
  • perimeter stroking with crossover end patterns
  • forward outside to inside change of edge sequences
  • alternate backward crossovers with two-foot transitions
  • footwork sequences
  • power three-turns
  • backward chassés

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$116*/8-week series

*Coors Fitness Center members, DU faculty/staff, DU students and DU alumni are eligible for a 10 percent discount. Please call 303-871-3820 to request the appropriate coupon code.