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Facility Information | Coors Fitness Center

Facility Information


Use the following guidelines when using Coors Fitness Center facilities and equipment, and are in addition to the general Ritchie Center facility policies.

Please note: All policies and procedures of the Ritchie Center are subject to change.


To enter your assigned parking lot, swipe the magnetic strip of your permit through the lot’s entryway reader. If you have parking questions or concerns, contact Parking Services at 303-871-3210.

Behavioral Violations

  • If you are involved in behavior that Ritchie Center staff deem inappropriate, we may issue a verbal warning or suspend your membership.
  • Ritchie Center staff will escort anyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol from the building.
  • Please read the Ritchie Center facility policies for a complete list of behavioral violations.

Non-permitted activity/items

  • smoking/use of any tobacco products
  • glass containers
  • radios played without headphones
  • footwear that leaves marks on our courts and studio spaces—including cleats or waffle-soled shoes
  • bare feet—including sandals and stockings without shoes
  • individuals without shirts
  • mopeds, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and roller blades
  • pets (with the exception of seeing-eye dogs)

Membership Requirements

  • Children younger than 12 aren’t eligible for Coors Fitness Center memberships.
  • Coors Fitness Center members ages 12-14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while using the facility. Those 15–17 must receive certification from a personal trainer before using the Coors Fitness Center without parental or guardian supervision.
  • All members of the Coors Fitness Center must complete and submit an acknowledgement of risk form—including parent/guardian signature for all minors—before they can use our facilities and equipment.
  • Full-time DU students are eligible for free membership to the Coors Fitness Center. This means you’re enrolled at DU as an undergraduate student taking at least 12 credit hours per quarter or a graduate student taking at least eight credit hours per quarter or semester.
  • During DU's summer, spring and winter breaks, students must be registered full time for the upcoming quarter to maintain their free membership (e.g., during winter break, you must be registered for the upcoming winter quarter).
  • Benefited DU faculty and staff using the University’s tuition waiver aren’t eligible for free student memberships at the Coors Fitness Center.

Members wishing to rejoin as a Coors Fitness Center Member are subject to the following reactivation policies:

  • No additional fees are assessed if you rejoin within 30 days of effective cancellation date.
  • A reactivation fee of $75 will be assessed if you rejoin between 31–180 days of effective cancellation date.
  • A full administrative fee will be assessed if you rejoin after 180 days of effective cancellation date.