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Parents' Corner

Volunteer Opportunities

You can sign up for any of these positions by contacting Hilltoppers head coach Shawn Smith by email at

Position Description
Timer Timers use a stopwatch to time the swimmer in his/her assigned lane. We typically assign two timers per lane and use the median of both as the official time (or as backup for electronic timing systems).
Head Timer If the timers miss a start—or if their stopwatches malfunction—the head timer (or timer backup) provides a backup stopwatch. This position is also responsible for collecting lane timer sheets and getting them to the scoring console.
Announcer This is a great job for someone with a strong voice and an ability to correctly pronounce names. This person announces each event and works with the starter/referee to keep the meet moving quickly and smoothly. The announcer also provides updates about the meet.
Concessions Concessions volunteers sell food and beverages at meets. This position is ideal for parents who want to watch their children’s events. It also offers nearby seating for young children so parents can work while ensuring they’re safe.

Proceeds from concessions sales benefit the team, so this position plays a critical role in supporting the Hilltoppers.
Officials Without officials, there would be no meet. At the youth level, all officials are volunteers. Meet officials ensure the rules for each stroke-including starts, turns and finishes-are followed.

Training—including a free training session and shadowing at meets—is required before becoming an official. No experience is necessary for this position. If you’re interested in becoming an official, please contact Shawn Smith.
Hospitality The host team is responsible for providing food and beverages for coaches and officials throughout a meet. In this position, you help organize, prep and lay out meals, drinks and snacks.

This is a great position for those who like to be off the pool deck and love to socialize. In this position, you’ll never miss your child’s event.
Meet Manager/Hytek (Scoring Table) These are critical positions at a swim meet. Those interested in this job should contact Shawn Smith and apprentice with a current expert associated with the Hilltoppers.

In this position, we use two specific software programs: Hytek and Meet Manager. Meet managers are responsible for following each race, printing results and tracking team scores.
Ribbon/Awards Crew The ribbons/awards crew places ribbon labels on the appropriate place ribbons and sorts the ribbons by team for coaches to pick up at the end of the meet. This position is usually needed late Saturday morning and all of Sunday morning.
Set up/Clean up In this role, you’ll prepare and dismantle the pool for all home swim meets. This includes:
  • setting up and arranging tables and chairs on the deck
  • moving items off the pool deck
  • taking down or moving flags, starter blockers, computers and technical equipment
  • posting or taking down spectator signs
  • filling coolers and prepping hospitality

Home meet needs

For all home swim meets, we need volunteers to provide the following hospitality items. All food must be store bought and in its original packaging.

For each meet, we will distribute a hospitality sign-up list to ensure we end up with a variety of items.

Salad Pasta salad Veggie trays
Donuts Muffins Pastries
Cookies Brownies Granola bars
Fruit Fruit trays Trail mix
Goldfish crackers Chips Olive/meat trays
Cake Banana bread Water/bottled beverages