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Sample Schedule: First three years are the same as the BSEE.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering / MBA

Fourth Year Fall

Fourth Year Winter

Fourth Year Spring

ENGR 3510 – Renewable and Eff Pwr Sys     
ENGR 3323 - Engineering Design Project II  
ENGR 3333 - Engineering Design Project III     
ENGR 3725 - Digital Control Systems             
XXXX - Technical Elective*                       
ASEM 2XXX - Advanced Seminar*                
ENGR 3313 - Engineering Design Project I        
FIN 4630 - Managerial Finance                    
MGMT 4620 - Organizational Dynamics          
ACTG 4610 - Financial Accounting                 
MKTG 4100 - Marketing Concepts              
XXXX - MBA Elective*                               
STAT 4610 - Quantitative Methods                 
18 QH
15 QH
15 QH

Fifth Year Fall

Fifth Year Winter 

Fifth Year Spring 

XXXX - Technical Elective*                            
XXXX - MBA Elective*                            
ENGR 3951 - Engineering Assessment II     
BUS 4610 - The Essence of Enterprise               
BUS 4620 - Ethics 21st Century Professional 
BUS 4630 Creating Sustainable Enterprise        
ACTG 4660 - Strategic Cost Management         
MBA 4610 - Business Law & Public Policy 
ITEC 4610 - Information Technology Strategy  
MGMT 4630 - Strategic Human Resources        
MGMT 4690 - Strategic Management 
MBA 4690 - Enterprise Solutions                    
16 QH
16 QH
12 QH
Required Total Hours 246 QH
University Common Curricula These may be taken in any order. They must have 2 courses with attributes of analytical inquiry: society and 2 courses attributes of scientific inquiry: society.
ASEM 2XXX - Advanced Seminar Engineering students are required to take a writing-intensive advanced seminar.   Junior standing is also required.
XXXX - Technical Elective.   Technical Electives are used to complete specializations for the degree. Only technical courses may be used, and these must carry Upper-Division credit. Prior approval by the advisor is required.
XXXX - MBA Elective-   Must be upper-division business course.