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Human Dynamics Lab

Center for Orthopaedic Biomechanics

Human Dynamics Lab

The mission of the Human Dynamics Laboratory is to improve clinical diagnosis and treatment through:

  • Biomechanical measurement and analysis
  • Design of relevant quantitative tools and techniques

Students and researchers in the Human Dynamics Lab collaborate on experimental research projects with orthopaedic and rehabilitation specialists from University of Denver Athletic Department, University of Colorado School of Medicine, and the local Denver community. The Human Dynamics Lab also maintains strong ties to the Interdisciplinary Movement Science Laboratory (IMSL) located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

We recently expanded the Human Dynamics Lab to include a 550 square foot facility for human subjects testing located in The Daniel L. Ritchie Center. This laboratory is equipped with an 8-camera Vicon MXT40 motion capture system, four Bertec force platforms, and 8 channels of surface or fine wire electromyography.

The Human Dynamics Lab specializes in the following:

  • measuring human movement, kinetic measurement, and muscle activity with a high degree of accuracy
  • creating rigid-body musculoskeletal models of the spine and lower extremity
  • developing novel tools for quantitative understanding and clinical transfer for rehabilitation
  • high-density electromyography for spatial mapping of muscle activity