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Daniel Felix Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Mechanical and Materials Engineering


  • wilson

    Dr. James "Chuck" Wilson 

    John Evans Professor Phone: 303.871.3002 Email:

    Academic Title

    PhD, University of Minnesota

    Office Information 

    2112 E. Wesley Ave.  Physics Building, Rm 218  Denver, CO  80208  
  • To hear about Dr. Wilson's research interests, click on this video.  
  • To view Dr. Wilson's research website click here
  • The University of Denver Aerosol Group (Professor Wilson, Post-Doctoral Research Associate Brian Meland and graduate students Mohamed Saad and Duncan Axisa) will participate in the NASA sponsored SEAC4RS Experiment which will take place in August and September 2013.    SEAC4RS will study of the coupling of atmospheric composition, clouds, and climate and will involve three coordinated aircraft and satellites.  The DU Aerosol Group will be operating two instruments on a LearJet operated by SPEC Incorporated.  NASA will operate its DC-8 and ER-2 aircraft.  The mission will be based at the NASA Johnson Space Flight Center aviation facilities at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas and will look at clouds resulting from intense storms and large fires.    The DU Aerosol group instruments measure aerosol size distributions in the diameter range from 4 to 1000 nanometers  (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter).   The DU data will help identify the influences of anthropogenic pollution and biomass burning on meteorology and climate.