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Graduate Students

Graduate students may choose to participate in a variety of DU and non-DU study abroad programs. Each department has its own policies regarding the transfer of study abroad credit, so the first step in your exploration of international opportunities should be to speak with your academic advisor regarding your program's policies and the number/type of study abroad credits you may earn towards your degree.

There are three main categories of international experiences available to graduate students:

Study Abroad for Academic Credit

DU Summer/Interterm Faculty-Led Trips

Many academic units offer their own international courses, which vary by term. For example, the Graduate School of Social Work typically offers several international courses for its students including programs in Bosnia. The Daniels College of Business often embeds an international experience in many of its MBA programs. Check with your academic department to see if they offer international courses. Some DU international summer/interterm faculty-led programs are coordinated by the Office of Special Programs. The cost of DU-sponsored programs varies, but typically includes DU tuition plus travel-related costs.

DU Graduate Exchange Programs

Some DU Graduate Programs have exchanges arranged at the graduate level. For example, the Korbel School for International Studies offers a graduate exchange for a term in Geneva, Switzerland. Ask your graduate program if they have any exchanges available to graduate students.

Unaffiliated Study Abroad Programs

You will notice that most non-DU study abroad programs are aimed at undergraduate students, and do not offer graduate-level credit. Since graduate-level study is far more specialized, graduate students often have to do a great deal of independent research to identify programs that are a fit for their individual academic needs. Graduate students do have a few opportunities for direct enrollment in universities abroad, particularly those students considering a quarter or semester of study.

Once you have identified a program/university abroad that can accept a graduate study abroad student, you must complete this Petition form at least 5 weeks prior to going abroad. Retroactive forms will not be considered. This petition is required for any graduate student who would like to study abroad on a program that is NOT a DU faculty-led trip or an approved DU exchange program at the graduate level.

If you participate in an Unaffiliated Study Abroad Program, you will pay the program cost directly to the program sponsor/university. If participating in a credit-bearing program, you may be registered at DU in a study abroad placeholder course, and pay a $150 Study Abroad Administrative fee plus the DU Technology fee. Please note that in order to be registered in the placeholder course, you must take graduate level coursework and receive approval from your department to transfer the credit towards your DU degree requirements.

Graduate Financial Aid

Graduate students must be registered for at least half-time enrollment to be eligible for financial aid awards. You will be registered at DU based on the credits pre-approved by your department. In turn, financial aid awards will be based on the registration credit. You will not receive financial aid for a non-credit program or language study abroad. Summer financial aid is determined separately from the academic year. You are encouraged to speak directly with the Financial Aid Office for details on your specific aid package.

Required International Experience, No Credit Earned

This category includes internships, practicums, academic research, and language study to fulfill language proficiency requirements. No financial aid is available for this type of program because you will not receive academic credit. You will not be registered at the University of Denver, but if these experiences fulfill requirements of your degree program you will be covered by the University of Denver's International SOS policy. In order to receive evacuation and repatriation coverage and to comply with the University's international travel policy, you must register your travel in DU Passport as an Experiential Learning Participant.  

Optional International Experience, No Credit Earned

This category includes independent travel, volunteer programs, work abroad, or language study not required by your program or affiliated with the University. If you are planning on this option, you are not required to complete any paperwork or register with the Office of International Education or Enterprise Risk Management. You are traveling abroad on your own accord and taking on the risks and responsibilities accordingly. DU takes on no responsibility for this type of travel.

Researching International Options

Study Abroad search engines:

Law programs abroad:

Internships abroad:

How to Apply

Start with your graduate program to inquire which option above may be the best for your situation. Reach out to [email protected] if you need any further clarification for Unaffiliated Study Abroad programs and the petition process. For health and safety questions, please contact [email protected].