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Health & Safety

Insurance Abroad

Insurance will not prevent accidents or illness from happening; however, it can relieve other stressors and provide assistance when you most need it.

Call International SOS, a free DU travel benefit.

DU provides I-SOS, an evacuation, repatriation, and health & safety concierge service for the DU community (students, staff, and faculty).  You should consult with I-SOS before you travel to discuss prescription medicines, local medical resources, etc.  Additionally, I-SOS is a resource to call if you experience illness, injury, or an emergency during your study abroad program.  Please note that I-SOS is NOT health insurance, and you will be responsible for any medical costs that you incur while abroad; apart from repatriation and evacuation covered by I-SOS. Call +1.215.942.8478. DU's membership number is 11BSGC000067.

Check your health insurance to see if you're covered abroad.

You are required to have health insurance while abroad.  Often times this can be your home plan; however, students are encouraged to talk with their insurance provider to understand exactly what your benefits are and how they work abroad.  If your home plan does not cover you or provide adequate coverage abroad, you are required to purchase health insurance that will work abroad. Click here for information and guidance to help you find international health insurance coverage. 

Consider travel insurance.

You are also encouraged to purchase additional travel insurance.  This is additional protection in the event that you need to cancel or change your travel ticket.

Consider coverage for your personal belongings.

If you plan to travel with expensive items such as a laptop computer, you may want to look into covering your personal property during your travels.  

For more information, please check the Health Insurance FAQ and Evacuation and Repatriation FAQ in the Study Abroad Handbook.