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Intercultural Global Studies

Intercultural Global Studies

Intercultural Global Studies


The intercultural global studies (IGS) minor consists of 24 credit hours. The credit distribution is described below.


These DU courses provide the fundamentals to understanding cultural dynamics in domestic and international contexts.

Choose one:

  • ANTH 2010: Cultural Anthropology
  • ARTH 1010: Images of Culture
  • CCST 2000: Contemporary Theories in Cultural and Critical Studies
  • CCST 2200: Cultural Differences and Distinctions
  • COMN 1700: Fundamentals of Intercultural Communication
  • GEOG 1410: People, Places, Landscapes
  • GEOG 2300: Cultural Geography
  • PLSC 1110: Foundations in World Politics
  • SOCI 1810: Foundations in Sociology

If you're in the international or social justice living and learning communities (LLCs), you may use the fall and winter courses as the introductory course for this minor. You may use your spring LLC course for elective credit.

* Note: No course taken to satisfy a common curriculum requirement (AI, SI) can also count toward the IGS minor. Students may take a second AI or SI course for IGS minor credit, but only after taking a first AI or SI course to satisfy the common curriculum requirement.


The engagement experience enriches students' understanding of issues related to cultural diversity and global injustice through an approved 4-credit internship, service learning opportunity, field-based research project at DU, or on an approved program abroad.

You may enroll in a second engagement experience, which will count for elective credit toward the minor.

You may look at lists of past domestic and international engagement experiences to get an idea of the kinds of courses that qualify. To find a current engagement experience, students should consult with their IGS adviser and, for international experiences, with Sarah Catanzarite ( or, for domestic experiences, with Dr. Cara DiEnno (

ELECTIVES (16 credits)

Elective courses deepen students' intercultural knowledge through four, 2000-plus-level DU courses that expose them to a wide range of topics and materials.

You should work with a minor adviser to focus your courses around a specific theme. You can take a maximum of two courses in the same department or program. You may use two approved study abroad courses, plus an approved engagement experience abroad, for a maximum of 12 credits toward completion of the minor.

Read a list of currently approved elective course offerings.


As an IGS student, you'll complete the minor by presenting your work at a multimedia mini-conference open to the University community. Your presentation might take the form of a video documentary, an audiovisual presentation, a traditional talk, or an experiment with new media. The mini-conference provides a platform for you to share with other scholars and professionals the unique insights you've gained in the classroom and through your engagement work, thus preparing you to take on a leadership role in your chosen field.