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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (CAHSS)

Professor Bonnie Clark and DU's Campus Archaeology Project, University of Denver
Professors Larry Conyers and Bonnie Clark received funding to create DU's Campus Archaeology Project, an innovative initiative for community-engaged teaching and learning.

Transformative Priority Two

Invest in the active cultivation of invention, discovery, imagination, creativity, teaching and learning through the Center for Innovation in the Liberal and Creative Arts (CILCA).

We have launched a center to re-imagine liberal and creative arts education. Encouraging a push beyond what's currently possible, the Center will function as a start-up incubator and scale-up accelerator by providing the space, seed money, and administrative support necessary for limitless experimentation through pilot projects, new academic programs, as well as signature programs such as the Center on American Politics and the Center for Art Collection Ethics.

The Center will ignite inquiry about, connection with, and solutions for current issues spanning business, nonprofit, government, and community. It will invent new models of courses and curriculum, including cluster courses, deeper experiential learning, and programs and curricula that cross disciplines.  Read the plan

Professor Sheila Schroeder received a Dean's Award, University of Denver

Innovative Pedagogy: Associate Professor Sheila E. Schroeder, received a Dean's Award for Excellence to produce the short drama/comedy, Scary Lucy, a collaboration with students and alumni through Project DU F.I.L.M.

The Center for Art Collection Ethics (ACE) launches spring 2018, University of Denver

Signature Program: The Center for Art Collection Ethics (ACE) was launched in spring 2018 by Associate Professor Elizabeth Campbell to help increase awareness of ethical art stewardship and promote art provenance (ownership) research training.

Professors Christina Kreps, Meg Jackson, and Gwen Chanzit received a Dean's Award for Interdisciplinary Studies at University of Denver

Interdisciplinary Courses: Professors Christina Kreps, Meg Jackson and Gwen Chanzit received a Dean's Award for Interdisciplinary Studies to increase collaboration and effective use of resources for the museum studies programs in the School of Art & Art History and department of anthropology.

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