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College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Lamont School of Music

Lamont School of Music presents

Breakin’ Boundaries: Hip-Hop Education and Social Justice in Denver

October 17th 2015, at the Newman Center

"Breakin’ Boundaries” will bring a group of 9 Denver-based hip-hop artists and activists to DU for a series of hands-on workshops, communal discussion, and a concert performance. During the morning and early afternoon of the event, workshops in hip-hop production, spoken word, rapping, and breakdancing will be conducted by some of Denver’s finest hip-hop practitioners, including  Kalyn Heffernan, Babah Fly, Jozer Guerrero, Breaker One9, and ILL Se7en. Each workshop will be offered twice and will accommodate 20-25 DU students.  Students who would like to take part in one of the workshops should send an email to [email protected], specifying the specific workshop (listed below) that they would like to enroll in. Space is limited, so the sooner students send in their requests the better. 

In the afternoon (4:00-5:45PM), Mace Windu, Bianca Mikahn, and founder of Youth on Record, Stephen Brackett will join the five workshop leaders in a round-table discussion on hip-hop education and social justice in Denver. The round-table will be moderated by DU faculty senate president and professor Art Jones.  Part of the two-hour discussion forum will be devoted to open dialogue between the speakers and audience. A FREE HIP-HOP SHOW at Hamilton Recital Hall (7:30-9:30PM), featuring local emcees, spoken word artists, DJs, and break-dancers will conclude the day. 

Please visit for more details

This event is supported by the Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning (CCESL), the Interdisciplinary Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE), the Lamont School of Music, and the Department of Theater.



Sign up through [email protected]

9:00-10:50AM – Spoken Word with Jozer Guerrero, Room 140

12:00PM-2:20PM – Hip-hop audio production (ableton live), with Kalyn Heffernan (some prior experience with production required), Room 407

12:30-2:20 – Breakdance Workshop, with Skip Rip, Room 100

12:30-2:20 – The Art of MCing, with ILL Se7en, Room 140

Roundtable Discussion on Hip-Hop Education and Social Justice

4:00PM-5:45PM, Newman Center, Hamilton Recital Hall, Free admission


Babah Fly, Bianca Mikahn, ILL Se7en, Kalyn Heffernan, Jozer Geurrero, Stephen Brackett, Mace Windu, 

Evening Concert

7:30PM-9:30PM, Newman Center, Hamilton Recital Hall, Free admission

feat. Wheelchair Sports Camp, Babah Fly, Bianca Mikahn, Stephan Brackett, ILL Se7en, Mace Windu,

Dj Felix Fast4ward, Jozer Guerrero, Lordz of Finesse Breakdance Crew



Babah Fly has been a staple in the Denver Hip-Hop scene since 1998. With conscious lyrics and an energetic high pitched delivery over his uniquely crafted beats, he started making a name for himself performing in underground graffiti art venues around Denver. Babah Fly studied under Jazz trumpeter Ron Miles for a number of years while attending college at UCD majoring in music production and engineering. Known for his classic, true school and progressive Hip-Hop style, Babah Fly was called a Denver Hip-Hop Icon by The Westword in 2009. He has shared the stage with a number of Hip-Hop’s pioneers including: KRS-One, Slick Rick, De La Soul, Kool Keith, Living Legends Crew, Zion I and many more.

Bianca Mikahn is a serious lyricist steeped in hip-hop, spoken word, and activist backgrounds. She recognizes the quintessential importance of a dynamic artist that can provide substantial messages to youth about everything from partying and sexuality to spirituality and social justice.

Alex Gardner, aka Breaker One9, is known to stun with signature moves, intensity and classic style. He is a member of the veteran crew Lordz of Finesse (est 1993), which has widely been credited for the reemergence of the breaking scene in Denver in the 90’s. Alex had danced alongside some of the most recognized dancers in the world, including members of the Rock Steady Crew, Full Circle, as well as America’s Best Dance Crew favorites, the Jabbawockees. Since 2007, Breaker One9 has been working with Mental Health America of Colorado working to eliminate stigma surrounding metal health and emphasizing the need for self expression via positive outlets. He also works for the Check Your Head program and several other organizations, to provide entertainment via performances and instruction. Breaker One9 is also an accomplished turntablist known as Dj Skip Rip. As a Dj he has opened for national acts such as The Pharcyde, Redman and Method Man, Dilated People and others. In 2010 Skip Rip was selected as one of the top 12 Dj’s in the US via the Technics Dance Mix Contest. 

Devin Urioste, also know as Mace Windu, was born and raised in Colorado. Devin is active as a graffiti artist, MC, and photographer. He now teaches at Youth on Record, where he was once a student.

Felix Ayodele - Born in Evanston, Illinois, 1982, Felix Ayodele aka FelixFast4wrd Born is a  Turntablist/Multi-Instrumentalist/Vocalist. Along side intense turntable technique and musical intuition coupled with juxtaposing obscure records that seemingly do not fit together Fast4ward creates lush & soulfully imaginative improvised compositions. Using a Looper and various other instruments ie. flute, guitar, harmonica, melodica, and keyboards, and topping it off with his voice (both singing and rapping) Fast4wrd reinvents the "One-Man Band" format and creates a whole new framework allowing the audience to influence & witness his music being created piece by piece. With a quirky and unique blend of avant-pop sensibilities and a wildly vivid musical pallet to draw from, FelixFast4ward delivers a rare breed of contemporary artistry and musicianship.

Jozer Guerrero is a professional poet, actor, and Hip-Hop artist from Denver. CO. His work as been featured on HBO as well as PBS. Jozer combines language, story telling and Hip-Hop to create art that inspires and moves people all over the country. Currently Jozer is touring the U.S promoting his C.D and book, In a Fit of Brown Rage.

Kalyn Heffernan is the front MC/producer for Wheelchair Sports Camp, the Denver based hip-hop band. Kalyn, who has a brittle-bone disability, is hardly limited in her music or motivation. She began production at a young age, and graduated from the University of Colorado Denver where she earned a degree in recording arts. Kalyn serves as the Audio Production Director with the non-profit Yon Sel Lanmou where she produces and collaborates with Haitian rappers and musicians. Her band tours nationally and internationally, and makes efforts to support Occupy Wall Street, Colorado Jr. Wheelchair Sports Camp, prevent dating violence, support LGBT youth and gay rights, disabled rights, support Haiti relief efforts, advocate an end to war, aid the homeless, promote global equality, and many more. She’s been featured on the cover of the Village Voice as well as in SPIN Magazine, and the Huffington Post.  

Mike Acuna is a hip-hop OG. Better known on stage as ILL Se7en, he’s been in the game for more than a decade. The MC got his start as one-half of the group Isolate Generations with ben “Opt Won” Chavez, and he continues to collaborate with local MC and visionaries like DJ Cavem and Panama Soweto. He is passionate about the culture behind the music and has grown with his audience while staying true to what he believes. ILL Se7en has travelled across the nation speaking to young adults and education them on the evolution of the spirit and the culture of hip- hop and how art can be used as a way to provide mental health to an abused generation, particularly to those who have been counted out of society.