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Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Department of Languages & Literatures

Languages & Literatures Department

Expand your world with us!

In our interconnected world, bilingualism has clear advantages: you can build relationships with people around the world, travel with ease, or read books and watch movies in their original languages. Your bilingualism might even help you get your dream job.

When you study with the Department of Languages and Literatures, you will have those opportunities and so much more. Discover new cultures and histories. Experience music, art and timeless literature. Find modern-day relevance in your studies—open up your world!


The Department of Languages and Literatures at DU offers ten language programs, including five undergraduate majors and eight minors.

The department prides itself on the immersive experience it offers students, including:

  • Small, interactive classes
  • Accomplished and accessible instructors from a dozen countries abroad
  • Study abroad opportunities around the globe
  • Partnership with DU's Center for World Languages and Cultures
  • Independent study and collaboration with our faculty
  • Internship and service learning
  • Exposure to classical and modern literature, as well as other arts
  • In-depth analysis of social and cultural issues
  • Fun and engaging co-curricular and extra-curricular activities