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Arianne Margolin

Arianne MargolinArianne Margolin
Adjunct Instructor of French
Sturm Hall, Room 391G
Phone: 303-871-2185
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: TR 1-3pm


PhD Candidate, French Literature, University of Colorado-Boulder/Université d'Aix-Marseille 1 

(cotutelle internationale de thèse)

MA Modern Languages and Literatures, French Option, University of Montana, 2008

BA French and Physics, University of Montana, 2006


Arianne Margolin is a joint-PhD Candidate (cotutelle de thèse) in Early Modern French Literature at the Université d'Aix-Marseille 1 and the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her dissertation, entitled Expérience, pensée, scène: de l’observation au référentiel classique français, examines the role of scientific thought experiment as a literary convention during the Age classique in France. In addition to her primary research in the popularization of science, Ms. Margolin works in online course development for French Studies. As an instructor, she has taught all levels of French at the University of Colorado-Boulder and served as a teaching assistant for all levels of English language and composition at the Lycée Montgrand in Marseille, France in 2012-2013.


  • French Literature and Culture of the Ancien Régime
  • Literature and Science
  • Literary Criticism and 'French Theory'
  • Image-Text/Media Theory
  • Online Course Development


Contributions to edited volumes equivalent to peer-reviewed journals

How Do I Know Unless I Go There? Cyrano’s Thought Experiments as Scientific Method and Scientific Fiction,” Pan! In the Eye of the Moon, Cambridge Publishing Scholars, under review.

“Le choc des images: expérience de pensée dans le récit scientifique galiléen,La Science en  fiction, Université Blaise Pascal, under review.

Other Publications (non peer-reviewed)

« Le feu, la pomme et la gravure : la médiatisation du débat Newton-Leibniz-Descartes chez Voltaire et chez Émilie du Châtelet, » Biblio17,n. 205, June 2013, Tubingen, Springer, p. 253-266.

“Le Laboratoire épistolaire de la marquise du Châtelet,” The Age of Interdisciplinary Images and  Ideas: Conference Proceedings of the Eighteenth Century Revisited, University of Montana Printing Services.  May 2009. p. 28-51.

Comptes Rendus

« Le Laboratoire épistolaire dans les œuvres de la marquise du Châtelet, » Thèses, Cahiers Voltaire 8, Ed. Stéphanie Gavorty Géhanne. Ferney-Voltaire, France : Centre international d'étude du XVIIIe siècle. , 2009. p. 227-228.

Technology Review

"YouSeeU: Asynchronous Technology for Oral Proficiency in Foreign Language," Technology Highlights, The FLTMag, University of Colorado-Boulder, Anderson Technology Center, Autumn 2014, accepted for publication.