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Media, Film & Journalism Studies

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Christof Demont Heinrich, PhD

Christof Demont-HeinrichOffice location: Media, Film & Journalism Studies, Room 103

Phone: 303-871-4699


About: My research focuses on the intersections between language, power, culture, media, identity and globalization. I am especially interested in cultural and linguistic flows and power relations. Even more specifically, I am interested in the comparative cultural and linguistic insularity of middle and upper middle class Americans, many of whom are monolingual (in a multilingual world), and, with the exception of food, seem very unlikely to explore cultural products made outside the USA, that are not produced in/dubbed into in English, etc. This seems particularly true vis-a-vis film, television, and music consumption patterns of this group. This contrasts sharply with the same class of people in countries outside of the USA who are quite likely to consume many American cultural products and are likely to be multilingual as well as more multicultural in their cultural consumption patterns.

Office Hours, Spring Quarter 2020: By appointment.

Selected Classes: 

  • MFJS 2140: Newswriting & Reporting
  • MFJS 2240: Online & Visual Journalism
  • MFJS 2210: Introduction to Media and Culture
  • MFJS 2290: Innovations in Media and Communications
  • MFJS 3205: International & Development Communication
  • MFJS 3504: Advanced Multimedia Storytelling & Publishing
  • MFJS 4650: Global Media & Communication
  • ASEM 2560: America Through Foreign Eyes


  • PhD, University of Colorado at Boulder (2005)
  • MA, Colorado State University (1998)
  • BA, Allegheny College, Pennsylvania (1988)

Selected Publications: 

  • Demont-Heinrich, C. (2016) "The struggle to raise bilingual children in the belly of the English Hydra beast: The United States." In P. Bunce et al. (eds) Why English? Confronting the Hydra. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Demont-Heinrich, C. (2012) "Debating English's hegemony: American, Australian and Slovenian students discuss 'the' global language." Critical Inquiry in Language Studies 9(4), 346-375.
  • Demont-Heinrich, C. (2011). Cultural imperialism vs. globalization of culture: Riding the structure-agency dialectic in global communication and media studies. Sociology Compass, 5(8), pp. 666-678.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Founder, designer and editor of SolarChargedDriving.Com an environmental activism web site devoted to covering and promoting the synergy between solar energy and electric vehicles.
  • 2013 Fulbright Scholar Grant and German Academic Exchange Program Awardee

Website: Christof Demont-Heinrich, University of Denver

Find out more about Dr. Demont-Heinrich from his Faculty Spotlight article, featured in the Winter 2020 issue of the MFJS newsletter. Faculty Spotlight: Christof Demont-Heinrich.