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Media, Film & Journalism Studies


Faculty & Staff

Erika Polson, PhD

Erika PolsonOffice Location: Media, Film & Journalism Studies Building, Room 129

Phone: 303-871-3831

Email:  [email protected]

Areas of Focus

Polson's research focuses broadly and critically on socio-cultural change in relation to globalization, and specifically on globalizing middle classes and media as intersecting sites for analyzing such changes. She is the author of Privileged Mobilities: Geo-Social Media, Professional Migration, and a New Global Middle Class (Peter Lang, 2016), which explores how migrating professionals use new media to create local territory in global cities, based on ethnographic research of online and offline digital media practices by expatriates in Paris, Singapore and Bangalore. Her work appears in publications such as New Media and Society; Media, Culture, and Society; International Journal of Communication; European Journal of Cultural Studies; and Communication, Culture & Critique. 


  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University
  • MA, Emerson College
  • BA, Oregon State University

Select Publications

Polson, E. (2016). "Negotiating independent mobility: Single female expats in Bangalore." European Journal of Cultural Studies, 19(5): 450-464.

Polson, E. & Whiteside, E. (2016). "Getting in the Game: A Rising India and the Question of Global Sport." International Journal of Communication, 10(2016): 3085–3105.

Polson, E. (2015). "A Gateway to the Global City: Mobile Place-making Practices by Expats." New Media & Society, 17(4): 629-645.

Polson, E. & Whiteside, E. (2014). "Passing to India: A Critical Look at American Football's Expansion.” Media, Culture & Society, 36(5): 661-678.

Polson, E. (2011). “Belonging to the Network Society: Social Media and the Production of a New Global Middle Class” at Communication, Culture & Critique, 4(2): 144-163.

Polson, E. & Kahle, S. (2010). “Limits of National Discourse on a Transnational Phenomenon: Britain, Immigration, and the 'Body' Politic.” International Communication Gazette, 72(3): 251-268.


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