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Journalism Studies

The broad field of journalism is changing fast. Spurred on by technological advances and changes in consumer behavior, journalists must now be equipped to produce content for a variety of platforms, including print, online, television, radio and mobile.

The Bachelor of Arts in Journalism Studies prepares you to enter the field with a solid core of writing, editing, new media technology and ethical training. You'll learn the fundamentals of journalism for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and new media.

MFJS students make a list of goals at department orientation

Instruction focuses on developing news judgment, writing accurately and fairly and understanding the complexities of media writing. You will gain knowledge and develop skills in collecting and relaying information and acquiring speed and versatility in producing stories for print, broadcast and the internet. A solid understanding of media ethics and personal responsibility is also stressed. All of the skills you learn in the program can be applied to both traditional and digital media.

Internships are an important--and required--part of the journalism degree. You are required to complete one internship with an off-campus media outlet to further hone your skills. A full list of student internship opportunities are available on the MFJS website under the Internship Program section.

Developing a specialization area also increases your employment opportunities. To help develop such an area, we encourage you to select a second minor area of study to complement your journalism instruction.