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Publications and thoughtful commentary showcase the incredible work that comes out of our small liberal arts classrooms, studios and labs.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

News & Events

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Read about AHSS alumni, students, faculty and staff in the monthly e-newsletter, expressions. Our faculty are sought-after experts in their fields. Read what some have to say IN THE NEWS. Also, check out our upcoming events listed below. 

 In the news

"Ist doch nur Spaß" or "It's just fun!"
Raúl Pérez, assistant professor of sociology, was interviewed for a German publication, Psychologie Heute , about recent social science research on the social impacts of humor in society. 

This Soviet-Era Cookie is Filled with Sweetness Amid Scarcity
Carol Helstosky, associate professor of history, was interviewed about the history of Italian cuisine for this story on NPR. "We have all these images of abundance when we think of Italian food – lots of great food, artisanal cheese, sausages," she said. But in the late 1800s to early 1900s, Italy's economy wasn't strong, and diets consisted mostly of carbohydrates (pasta, polenta, bread) and very little else. "Even in the face of scarcity, people could be really creative [in the kitchen]."

How the Christian Right Has Come to Love Trump
Associate Professor Joshua Wilson, political science, writes in this op-ed story for Newsweek that evangelicals and the Christian Right have raised political pragmatism over moral principle, and the move has paid political dividends. In a matter of months, President Trump has successfully moved this group from the political margins to the center of power. And they have rewarded the president with their enduring loyalty.


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Alumni Reception and Livingston Lecture
The free AHSS alumni reception and John C. Livingston Lecture showcases the work of an esteemed AHSS faculty member. Connect with AHSS alumni, faculty and students, and help us recognize our Alumni Achievement Award recipients.

Harper Distinguished Speaker Series
This annual series brings to Denver a prominent leader in the field of liberal arts. This free lecture is made possible, in part, by the Heber Harper Humanities Distinguished Lectureship Endowment.

Faculty Lecture Series
This free series showcases the work being pioneered by AHSS faculty. Each month, faculty members share their current research or present recently published works.

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