Performing SurgeryThe WRA furnished both medical Performing an X-rayand surgical services to the evacuees free of charge. The hospital at Amache had seventeen wings and one hundred fifty beds. The hospital was staffed by a total of 219 employees. Part of the WRA staff consisted of one chief medical officer, one chief nurse, seven registered nurses, one dietitian, one social medical worker, one sanitary engineer, four sanitary inspectors, and one public health nurse. Evacuee staff consisted of but not limited to two nurses, ten nutrition aids, five doctors, and thirty nurse's aides.

Dental Clinic StaffIn addition to the hospital there Receiving Dentist Treatmentwas also an Out-Patient building which consisted of the Out-Patient clinic, pharmacy, optometry, laboratory, X-Ray department, and the dental clinic. The dental clinic was staffed by five evacuee dentists, and treated 125 patients daily with approximately 800 patients being treated on a weekly basis (WRA 1944: 17). Services were limited to emergency cases only at the dental clinic due to the shortage of necessary supplies.

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