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Health & Counseling Center

SANE Forensic Exams

The University of Denver has a memorandum of understanding with two programs in the Denver Metro area who provide SANE forensic exams following a sexual assault.  These include Denver Health and Porter Adventist Hospital.

Denver Health Medical Center SANE

Contact Phone Number: 303-602-3007
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Area(s)/Counties served: Denver, Adams, Arapahoe, Jefferson Counties
Services Provided: Adult/Adolescent/Pediatric/Suspect medical–forensic examinations

Porter Adventist Hospital

Contact Phone Number: 303-430-2648
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Area(s)/Counties served: Adams, Broomfield, Boulder, Denver, Jefferson
Services Provided: Adolescent and Adult medical-forensic examinations, forensic photography, suspect evidence collection

CAPE Advocates

CAPE advocates are available to help DU community members access forensic examinations following a sexual assault. Participating in a SANE exam does not require an individual to formally report or participate in a law enforcement investigation and individuals have up to two years to decide whether they are interested in participating in a law enforcement investigation. Please call 303-871-3853 during business hours M-F or 303-871-2205 after-hours to speak with an advocate or the Counselor on Call. A CAPE advocate can help explain the process and support any DU community member with participating in the SANE process. Campus Safety can also provide transportation for survivors to a SANE program when the survivor is accompanied by a CAPE advocate or friend. Alternatively, DU can provide taxi vouchers for individuals to be transported to a SANE program. Taxi vouchers can be accessed through CAPE, the Health and Counseling Center, Campus Safety, or Housing and Residential Education. Individuals may also access a SANE forensic exam on their own by visiting the Emergency Room at either Denver Health Medical Center or Porter Adventist Hospital and asking to have a SANE forensic exam completed.

Preservation of evidence

A SANE forensic exam can be performed up to 120 hours after an assault has occurred. In preparing for a SANE forensic exam you can take steps to preserve evidence by:

  • Avoid bathing/showering
  • Avoid douching
  • If you can, don't use the restroom (the hospital will take a urine sample when you arrive)
  • Avoid changing your clothes
  • Avoid combing your hair
  • Avoid cleaning up the area where the assault occurred
  • Place any clothing or bedding present during the assault in a brown paper bag and take it to the hospital with you (brown paper bags are available from CAPE).

It is normal to perform any of the activities recommended to avoid after experiencing a sexual assault. It is OK if you have done any of these activities and you can still have an exam.