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Move-In Day

Welcome To Your New Home

Residence hall staff and students will be available to help you with anything you need on move-in day.

Checking Into Your Building on Move-In Day


In the fall we use a staggered check-in schedule. First-year students assigned to odd-numbered rooms may check-in starting at 8 a.m., and students assigned to even-numbered rooms may check-in starting at 10 a.m.  If you arrive before your designated check-in time, you'll be asked to wait, so please make arrangements accordingly.

When you arrive, go to your assigned residence hall and park outside.  Please leave your belongings in your car until you have your room key.  Bring a picture ID with you.  Signs will direct you to the sign-in desk where you can get in line to pick up your keys and paperwork.  After you have your keys, you can check out a hand truck, unload your car, and move your belongings to your room!

We won't be able to make any accommodations for students who arrive on campus before the move-in date, so please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Your assignment will be held until midnight on the day before classes start. Depending on our need for space, students who check in after this date may be reassigned.

Check-in Paperwork

You'll need to log in to PioneerWeb (the same place where you found your roommate information) and complete the Room Inventory Form. When you check out at the end of the year, this form will be instrumental in billing for damages. This form is provided for your protection from improper charges; so it's important to fill it out carefully and thoroughly.

Discoveries New Student Orientation

Discoveries is DU's week-long orientation program for new students. You'll be placed in a group of new students led by a current student. You'll take part in seminars, training sessions and social activities that will help you understand both academics and the social possibilities here at DU. Visit the Discoveries website for more details.

Five Things to Do After You Check In

  1. Get settled in your room.
  2. Meet your Resident Assistant (RA).
  3. Meet other students on your floor.
  4. Complete your Room Inventory Form.
  5. Read the Discoveries information packet that you get when you check in.
  6. Fill out your Roommate Agreement (for more information, see Living With a Roommate).
  7. Read the Guide to Residence Living (located here).

Room Changes

If you would like to request a different room after moving in you may do that during Room Change Day, which is usually during the third week of classes. We use those first weeks to make sure that everyone moves in and that everyone has a chance to acclimate to college.