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Move-In Day

Welcome To Your New Home

Checking Into Your Building on Move-In Day


Please note that move-in will look different for the 2020-2021 academic year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please refer to the below section titled "2020-2021 Move-In" for the most updated information about this year's process.


We won't be able to make any accommodations for students who arrive on campus before the move-in date, so please make your travel arrangements accordingly.

Your assignment will be held until midnight on the day before classes start. Depending on our need for space, students who check in after this date may be reassigned.

2020-2021 Move-in

We are excited to have you joining the DU Community!

Move in for all incoming students will take place Monday, September 7 - Wednesday, September 9. We are developing a staggered move in process to support the health and safety of our students, families, and staff.

Students will be designated a move-in date and time when they receive their housing assignments on Monday, July 27.

Students begin their virtual Discoveries Orientation experience in July. Their in-person Discoveries Orientation experience will be Thursday, September 10 - Saturday, September 12. More information will be shared in the coming weeks.

New Student and Family Programs is hosting a virtual Family Discoveries Orientation experience throughout the month of August.

Move-In Process

As of August 15, students have been emailed the process for a contactless move-in for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Below is the information that was shared with them.


Students must complete the five "Return to Campus" tasks prior to their arrival on campus to ensure a smooth move-in day process for themselves and their helpers. To view what the five requirements are, and how or where to go to complete each task, students can visit the DU Fall Return page.

To indicate your return to campus date in PioneerWeb, you should either see the link on your Home page in PioneerWeb, or you can navigate to the "Student" tab in PioneerWeb - the link to note your return date should be in the upper left-hand side of the page.

Students who fail to complete any tasks will not be allowed to move-in until all five tasks are completed and will be asked to exit the check-in line.

If students or their helper(s) are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 prior to their scheduled move-in time, please DO NOT come to campus or enter the move-in line. Please reach out to to let us know that the student or a helper has fallen ill, and our staff will work with the student on next steps. If helpers who are non-DU students are experiencing symptoms, they should contact their medical provider to get tested. If a DU student has fallen ill, they should contact the Health & Counseling Center at 303-871-2205.

Move-in Day

On your scheduled move-in day, you will follow directions for parking based on your building location, as outlined in the section below titled "Campus Parking on Move-in Day". There will be University staff dressed in DU shirts to help guide and assist you throughout the move-in process, including directing traffic.

Your check-in process will be contactless, meaning you will not leave your car until you have checked in and parked your car to move your belongings into your space. Upon your arrival to campus:

1. Please follow the instructions on the move-in page for accessing the parking lot associated with your building and check-in points. If you have issues finding the parking lot, look for anyone wearing DU gear and they will be happy to help!

  • If you arrive early to your check-in time, you will be asked to exit the check-in line and come back at your scheduled timeslot.
  • If you arrive more than 30 minutes late to your timeslot, you will be asked to return at the end of the day (7:15 PM MDT) to move in, as other students are scheduled to move in for the rest of the day.

2. Once in the parking/check-in line for your building, please have a photo ID ready to show the staff members who will be checking you in from your vehicle. You will need to keep this out until you have parked your vehicle, so keep it handy.

3. At your first checkpoint, a staff member will look up your information to ensure you have completed the pre-arrival requirements and are approved to move-in. If you have not completed any of the pre-arrival requirements, you will be instructed to leave the check-in line and complete whatever is missing before returning. If you have completed all the pre-arrival requirements, the staff member will ask you and your helpers symptom-monitoring questions to further support the health and safety of all our students and staff.

4. Once you have been approved to move forward, you will pull up to your second checkpoint, where a staff member will check your ID and get your check-in packet for you. In this packet you will find:

  • Your DU ID (for new and transfer students only). All students are required to submit their photo for their ID prior to their arrival to campus. These photos need to be uploaded by August 21 and can be done by visiting the ID Card website. If your ID card is not mailed to you prior to your arrival, it will be in your packet. Please be sure to upload your photo before the deadline, as you will not be able to access any buildings on campus without your ID.
    • Residents living in Dimond Family Residential Village will not be able to access their room on move-in day if they do not pre-upload their photo.
  • Color-coded wristbands for you and your helpers. Students need to put on the Black wristband and are encouraged to wear it throughout check-in week. Staff members will be monitoring folks entering the buildings and asking those who are not wearing wristbands or the wrong color to leave. There will be two additional wristbands, one for each of your allowed helpers. These colored/patterned wristbands correspond with your move-in timeslot and will change for each timeslot.
  • A parking pass for you to place in your vehicle while you unload and move in your belongings. Your parking pass will also be color-coded and will have your timeslot on it. Please keep this on your dashboard and face up throughout your timeslot. Any parking passes that have expired or that are turned over and not visible are subject to tickets and/or towing and any associated fines.
    • Once your move-in time has ended (90 minutes for 1st years & new students; 60 minutes for returning students) your guests will not be able to re-enter the building. If you do not have a parking permit for that parking structure (purchased through Parking Services), we will ask you to move your vehicle to another paid parking structure after your move-in time.

5. Once you have checked in and have parked, you may exit your vehicle and begin moving into your new home!

Additional Important Information

  • Please remember that face coverings are always required throughout your move-in. Once you are settled in your room you may remove your face covering. Those not wearing masks will NOT be allowed to enter the residence halls or any buildings on the DU campus.
  • Students will be allowed a maximum of two helpers during their move-in timeslot.
  • There will be a maximum of three people from the same family unit (student and their helpers only) allowed per elevator at any time. Please be mindful of this as you pack and prepare to come to campus. If you are able-bodied and willing, we encourage you to use the stairs whenever possible to avoid long elevator lines.
  • We STRONGLY encourage you to pack light (clothes, bedding, backpack, computer and medications). In the event we must pivot to students returning home during fall quarter, all students will be responsible for removing all belongings from their room. DU does not have any storage space on campus – if you will need storage you will need to arrange for that prior to leaving campus.
  • Additionally, we recommend you bring a pre-packed isolation/quarantine bag to store in your closet for easy access in case you need to quarantine or isolate. Recommended items for this bag include:
    • Full-size bed sheets
    • Extra cell phone charger
    • List of important peoples' phone numbers written out
    • List of any allergies
    • 2 or more complete changes of comfy clothes: sweats, PJ pants, T-shirts, fuzzy socks
    • Fleece throw
    • Thermometer
    • Body lotion/baby oil
    • Feminine hygiene/special hygiene products
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste
    • Shampoo/Conditioner
    • Hair comb/brush, hair ties
    • Cough drops
    • Tylenol to bring fever down, help with aches
    • Vick VapoRub
    • Prescription medications (optional Mucinex DM or Robitussin Cough & Chest Congestion)
    • Tissues
    • Snacks
    • A few face coverings
    • Some sort of distraction - even a coloring book and crayons/colored pencils or a deck of cards
    • Powdered Gatorade to mix in water may also be a great idea
  • Individuals can check out dollies to assist with moving any boxes or larger items at their building's front desk (Apartments and TLC can go to the Apartments offie in University Place #103). Dollies will be wiped down and sanitized as they are returned, and the wait time for these may be longer than usual. Those who have their own dollies or carts are encouraged to bring them to help expedite their move-in process.
  • Dining options will open beginning September 7 at lunch. Face coverings will be required to access any dining locations on campus, and there will be traffic flow guides posted to help individuals move quickly and safely through the dining hall.
  • Upon your check-in you will receive a welcome email from your building community. Please be sure to read this in its entirety, as it contains vital information for having a successful quarter/year at DU.
  • Your RA will also reach out to you via the Raftr app. Please make sure to download that from your smartphone app store for free.
  • All buildings will be cleaned and sanitized prior to move-in, per University policy and following recommendations from the CDC and CDPHE. There will be cleaning supplies at front desks for students to check out for use throughout the year, as well as in common areas for disinfecting surfaces after use. If you would like to additionally clean or disinfect your space upon your arrival, please bring your own supplies so that those at the desks do not run out within the first day/week.

campus Parking during move-in Week

For larger & more detailed parking maps please visit the Parking Services Website.

Please know traffic flows and entrance access directions may change. Please check back the day before your check-in for any final updates.

Transfer Living Community (TLC)

 Parking for DFRV and TLC

Students checking into TLC and the Apartments on September 10 - 12 will check in at University Place - See "DU Apartments" below for additional maps & information.

Students checking into TLC on September 10-12 will check in at University Place and be directed to part in Lot L.

Parking Lot Entrances:

  • Enter Lot L from Asbury Avenue, at Gaylord Street

Nagel & Nelson Hall

Parking for Johnson-McFarlane, Nelson, and Nagel Hall

For those students who are moving into Nagel or Nelson from September 10 - 12, you will be directed to park in Lot H2. .

Parking Lot Entrance:

  • Enter Lot H2 from Iliff Avenue

DU Apartments

Parking for DU Apartments

For those students who are moving into any of the DU on-campus Apartments (Summit, Ridgeline, University Place, University Lofts, Lynn Marie, or Mesa), you will be able to park in any of the red-outlined lots to unload, or utilize any of the street parking on York Street, University Boulevard, Asbury Avenue, or closer to University Lofts on Evans or University.

To check in, please turn onto S. York Street from Asbury Avenue - the check-in line entrance for University Place is ONE WAY only.

Parking Lot Entrances:

  • Enter the Summit and Ridgeline lots from S. York Street, from Asbury or Jewell
  • Enter the Mesa lot from Jewell, turning left AFTER S. York Street

CAmpus Shuttle Services During Move-in Week

DU's Campus Shuttle will be operating during move-in week, from September 8 to September 12 (there are no shuttle services on Labor Day). The Shuttle will pull into the allocated shuttle spot at the following locations for passenger pickup and bring people back to the main campus:

  • Lot 108
  • High Street (Halls & Towers)
  • Asbury Avenue (DFRV)
  • Lot 306 (Nagel & Nelson)
  • Iliff Avenue (JMAC)

Check-in Paperwork

You'll need to log in to PioneerWeb (the same place where you found your roommate information) and complete the Room Inspection Form. When you check out at the end of the year, this form will be instrumental in billing for damages. This form is provided for your protection from improper charges; so it's important to fill it out carefully and thoroughly. You will be prompted of how to do this in your welcome email that you will receive upon your check-in.

Discoveries New Student Orientation

Please note that Discoveries will look different for the 2020-2021 academic year due to COVID-19 restrictions. More information can be found on the Discoveries website as it is available.

Discoveries is DU's week-long orientation program for new students. You'll be placed in a group of new students led by a current student. You'll take part in seminars, training sessions and social activities that will help you understand both academics and the social possibilities here at DU. Visit the Discoveries website for more details.

Five Things to Do After You Check In

  1. Get settled in your room.
  2. Meet your Resident Assistant (RA).
  3. Complete your Room Inspection Form.
  4. Fill out your Roommate Agreement (for more information, see Living With a Roommate).
  5. Read the Guide to Residence Living (located here).