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China Trade Tariffs, Belt and Road

U S trade policy and China's global ambitions

This Engaging Idea explores the potential conflict between China's global ambitions and U.S. trade policy.


Photo of Sam Zhao

Suisheng (Sam) Zhao is Professor and Executive Director of the Center for China-US Cooperation at Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. A member of the Board of Governors of the US Committee of the Council for Security Cooperation in the Asia Pacific, a member of National Committee on US-China Relations, a Campbell National Fellow at Hoover Institution of Stanford University, and a Research Associate at the Fairbanks Center for East Asian Research in Harvard University, he is the founder and chief editor of the Journal of Contemporary China.

He received his Ph.D. degree in political science from the University of California-San Diego, M.A. degree in Sociology from the University of Missouri and BA and M.A. degrees in economics from Peking University, and was Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at Washington College in Maryland, Associate Professor of Government and East Asian Politics at Colby College in Maine and visiting assistant professor at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS) at University of California-San Diego. He is the author and editor of more than a dozen of books, including Debating Regime Legitimacy in Contemporary China: Popular Protests and Regime Performance (2017); The Making of China's Foreign Policy in the 21st Century, Historical Sources, Institutions/Players, and Perceptions of Power Relations (2016); China in Africa: Strategic Motives and Economic Interests (2015): the Construction of Chinese Nationalism in the Early 21st Century: Domestic sources and International Implications (2014); The Rise of China and Transformation of the US-China Relationship: Forging Partnership in the Age of Strategic Mistrust, (2013); China's Search for Energy Security: Domestic Sources and International Implications(2012); China and East Asian Regionalism: Economic and Security Cooperation and Institution-Building (2012), In Search of China's Development Model: Beyond the Beijing Consensus, (2011), Village Elections in China (2010), China and the United States, Cooperation and Competition in Northeast Asia (2008), China-US Relations Transformed: Perspectives and Strategic Interactions (2008), Debating Political Reform in China: Rule of Law versus Democratization (2006), A Nation-State by Construction: Dynamics of Modern Chinese Nationalism (2004), Chinese Foreign Policy: Pragmatism and Strategic Behavior (2003), China and Democracy: Reconsidering the Prospects for a Democratic China (2000), Across the Taiwan Strait: Mainland China, Taiwan, and the Crisis of 1995-96 (1999). His articles have appeared in Political Science Quarterly, The Wilson Quarterly, Washington Quarterly, International Politik, The Hague Journal of Democracy, European Financial Review, The China Quarterly, World Affairs, Asian Survey, Asian Affairs, Journal of Democracy, Pacific Affairs, Communism and Post-Communism Studies, Problems of Post-Communism, and elsewhere.

 More on the Subject

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  4. China's Silk Road Economic Belt Initiative: Network and Influence Formation in Central Asia, by Jeffrey Reeves, February 19, 2018.
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  7. The One Belt One Road and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: Beijing's New Strategy of Geoeconomics and Geopolitics, by Kevin G. Cai, July 7, 2018.
  8. Myanmar's Role in China's Maritime Silk Road Initiative, by J. Mohan Malik, December 27, 2017.
  9. China's Maritime Silk Road Initiative (MSRI) and Southeast Asia: A Chinese 'pond' not 'lake' in the Works, by Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, December 13, 2017.


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