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Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality

DU Students

Graduate School-Focused Curriculum 

P3 students participate in activities and workshops throughout the academic year dedicated to growth in the following areas:
Personal Development – P3 students participate in personal exploration activities.

  • Success Strategies – P3 students engage in workshops that support their successful transition to college through Tutoring, Academic workshops, Advising, Speaker Series, and Study/Social Break activities.

  • Purposeful Academic Transition – P3 students learn how to leverage their undergraduate work to best develop competencies to succeed in graduate school including, but not limited to writing skills, research projects, and presentation skills.

  • Research Opportunities - P3 students are connected to researchers and opportunities that prepare them to be strong candidates for graduate schools in their respective areas of interest through:
    • Connections with faculty in their fields of interest.
    • Developing research skills such as data collection, literature reviews, analysis, conference posters and presentations, and publication opportunities.

  • Professional Development – P3 students are encouraged to get involved in professional societies and conferences as well as through Community/Volunteer Work.

  • Navigating the Graduate School Process – P3 students are guided through the graduate school process and gain exposure to:
    • Graduate School Entrance Examination Preparation
    • Resume/Curriculum Vitae Building through Career Services