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Interdisciplinary Research Institute for the Study of (in)Equality

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For DU Students

Borstein Somoza Scholar Prep Program (BSP)

Borstein Somoza Scholar Prep Program (BSP) is a success program focused on the academic achievement of historically underrepresented students. The program engages BSP scholars from their first day throughout their tenure at DU. In particular, BSP supports the persistence of students through their undergraduate careers and assists in their transition into graduate programs of study

BSP specifically nurtures the strengths of academically successful incoming students from historically underrepresented communities and prepare them to pursue additional academic degrees, such as a Master’s or Doctorate. The program supports IRISE’s mission to develop students who are underrepresented in various fields where an advanced degree is required as a condition of employment. In connection to DU’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence (IE) and Diversity, BSP provides students with impactful research opportunities, social and cultural support, meaningful mentorship, enhanced critical thinking skills, and the personal growth necessary to engage in transformative ways that seek equity and equality in their academic, professional, and personal spheres of influence.