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Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality

(In)Equality Research & Programs

Current IRISE Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Events

IRISE Research Showcase
May 11th; 4:00 – 6:30 PM
Special Events Room, 290
Anderson Academic Commons

Join the University of Denver Interdisciplinary Research Incubator for the Study of (In)Equality (IRISE) to celebrate the incredible interdisciplinary research being done by Faculty here at the University of Denver.

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This is an opportunity for students whose research and study is inline with IRISE to present their works and the opportunity to earn professional development awards.

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IRISE Graduate Student Paper Competition Guidelines
Graduate (both masters and doctoral) students are invited to submit papers to the second IRISE Graduate student Paper Competition.

To be eligible, papers must meet the following criteria. The paper should:

  • Be inline with the purpose of IRISE. Please see the website for more detailed information (
  • Be no longer than 25 pages in length double-spaced. This includes references, title page, appendices and abstract.
  • Meet the appropriate formatting relating to the field it is based in. Please note that the font should be no larger than 12 point Times New Roman.
  • Must have been submitted for coursework or faculty review.
  • Cannot be previously published, submitted or under review for publication.

Students submitting a paper are also eligible to compete in the poster competition.

Winners of the Graduate Student Paper Competition will present their work as a short 10 minute presentation at the IRISE Research Showcase on May 11th from 6-8:30PM. The winner will also be awarded $500 to be used toward professional development.

Papers should be submitted by April 10, 2017 for full consideration.

IRISE Poster Competition Guidelines
Graduate students of all levels, and undergraduate students in their final year are invited to submit posters based on their research, papers or creative works.

To be eligible, posters must meet the following criteria. The poster should:

  • Be inline with the purpose of IRISE. Please see the website for more detailed information (
  • Be formatted to 24in. x 36in. in dimension.
  • Be Submitted as a PDF

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion will be sponsoring the creation of all posters submitted.
All posters will be on display at the IRISE Research Showcase on May 11th from 6-8:30PM and the poster competition winners will be announced there as well. Winners will be awarded $250 to be used toward professional development.

All posters must be submitted by May 5, 2017 for full consideration and to be printed

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University of Denver Latino Center for Community Engagement and Scholarship (DULCCES)

DULCCES is a consortium of interdisciplinary faculty from throughout the University who are committed to placing DU at the center of scholarship, teaching, and service related to Latinos in the Rocky Mountain West. Its vision of success is to provide a center where Latino faculty, students, and community partners can work together to evolve into ethical and responsible participants in a pluralistic, interdependent, and multicultural society. 

IRISE Graduate Research Fellows

Molly Sarubbi

Molly Sarubbi, M.A.

Molly Sarubbi is pursuing her doctoral degree in Higher Education at the University of Denver. Her research and diverse professional experiences continue to examine the relationships between equity in educational access, experiential learning, forms of capital, and community collaboration. In addition to her 13 years in non-profit leadership, Molly earned her Masters of Science in Higher Education from the University of Rochester, where she also served as an undergraduate student Advisor in community leadership, Teaching and Research Assistant for the Warner School of Education, and program leader for the Office of Minority Student Affairs. She currently serves as Managing Editor for the NYS Journal of Student Affairs.

Molly is an IRISE Graduate Assistant with the Morgridge College of Education. She is currently working with Dr. Judy Marquez Kiyama, exploring the influence of Funds of Knowledge in family outreach programs, and college-going cultures in Latina/o families.

Emily Harrington Emily Harrington

Emily Harrington is a first year Clinical PsyD student at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) where she will be pursuing the Latino Psychology specialty. This year she completed a three year commitment as a volunteer with youth and families in a marginalized neighborhood in Peru, South America. Prior to her time in Peru, she spent several years working with the Latino community in Minneapolis, Minnesota as a bilingual family advocate and community resource specialist. Emily will be collaborating with Dr. Heto on research which explores themes of inclusivity and inequality, and they seek to increase the accessibility at GSPP's Professional Psychology Clinic in offering culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the Latino community.