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Global scholars Program

General Information

DU's Department of Biological Sciences has partnered with the Department of Biology at Lund University in Sweden to bring the Global Masters Scholars Program to biology majors. In this program, students can earn a bachelor's degree in biology from University of Denver and a master's degree in biology from Lund University in five years, with the first three years spent at DU and the last two years at Lund. 

Students enrolled at DU can opt into the program if they meet the eligibility requirements at both universities, DU's study abroad and exchange requirements, and any additional requirements specifically determined for this program. Due to the accelerated nature of this degree, eligibility is typically determined in the beginning of a student's second year of undergraduate coursework.


Questions? Please contact: Dr. Shannon Murphy

Other resources - Study Abroad: Getting Started


Sophomore year:

  • October 15 - Application deadline (application on website)
  • November - Interview with biological sciences program faculty advisor, Dr. Shannon Murphy)
  • December - Interview with Lund Administration via Skype
  • January - Final admission to program granted, letter sent from Internationalization
  • April - Meet with Dr. Murphy to finalize Junior year schedule, meet with Academic Advising to check general curriculum requirements and ensure student is set to finish all requirements for all majors and minors by the end of their junior year.

Junior year:

  • Fall: Maintain a 3.5 GPA
  • December: Begin application for Global Scholars Program – Lund via study abroad application
  • January: Finalize Global Masters Scholars – Lund application with study abroad; Meet with Internationalization and get visas started etc.
  • Winter: Make sure student will finish all required coursework by end of spring quarter.

Senior year:
Travel to Lund, Sweden to complete your BS and embark on your MS degree!