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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

Research Areas

Ecology, biodiversity & evolution

Fire and soil chemistry

Ecology, biodiversity & evolution includes biogeochemistry, conservation biology, restoration ecology and molecular evolution. Undergraduate majors with an interest in regional and global questions may choose to major in ecology and biodiversity. Graduate students may select both coursework and research experience to take them into the field. Opportunities exist for fieldwork on Mt. Evans and at other field stations in Colorado. Collaborations are ongoing with the Denver Botanic Gardens and the Rocky Mountain Center for Conservation Genetics and Systematics.

Cell & Molecular Biology 

Developing neuromuscular junctions

Cell & molecular biology includes biophysics, neuroscience, cell signaling and physiology, developmental biology, molecular evolution and molecular forensics. Several faculty in our department are involved in basic science with medical application. In our graduate training programs both master's and PhD students begin their thesis research during the first year.

Specialty coursework complements the research experience in all areas.