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Division of Natural Sciences & MathematicsDepartment of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Degree Programs

ACS Acredited Major in Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BSCh)

NOTE: The information below applies to students entering DU in the fall of 2016 or later. Degree requirements prior to this date may be found here.

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (BSCh) is accredited by the American Chemical Society and is designed for students planning to do graduate study in chemistry. Because of the strong chemical background this degree provides, it is also an excellent choice for those who plan to directly enter chemical industry upon graduation. This degree is characterized by a comprehensive exposure to chemistry and a significant research component.

A minimum of 62 quarter hours of chemistry is required for the BSCh degree. One year of calculus, plus two additional math courses, and one year of physics, preferably University Physics, are also required. No minors are required, but the required math courses are equivalent to a math minor. The Common Curriculum Requirements must be fulfilled. Courses required for the major automatically fulfill the requirement for Scientific Inquiry - Natural and Physical World (SI-NS).

Required Chemistry Courses

  • General Chemistry I, II and Lab, 8 Credits
  • Chemistry of the Elements, 4 Credits
  • Organic Chemistry I, II, III and Lab, 12 Credits
  • Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 4 Credits
  • Physical Chemistry I, II, III, 9 Credits
  • Chemistry Frontiers, 3 Credits
  • Instrumental Analysis, 4 Credits
  • Biochemistry I - Proteins, 3 Credits
  • Biochemistry Lab, 3 Credits
  • Undergraduate Research, 6 Credits
  • Chemistry Electives, 6 Credits (chosen from 3000 level CHEM courses)

Concentration in Biochemistry

Within the BSCh degree there is an option for a concentration in Biochemistry. The following additional courses must be taken, which replace 6 credits of electives in chemistry.

  • Biochemistry II and III, 6 credits
  • Biology 1010/1011/1020/1021, 10 credits
  • Cell Structure and Function, 5 Credits
  • Biology elective, 2000 or 3000 level, 5 credits