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Admissions & Financial Aid

Physics & Astronomy

Financial Aid

Undergraduate students should consult DU's undergraduate financial aid page.

For graduate students, the Department provides several Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships each year. The GTA stipend for 2012-13 is $20,000 for nine months of service for students working toward a PhD degree and $17,500 for nine months for students in the MS program. Both PhD and MS students also receive a tuition waiver for a normal graduate course load. GTA duties usually include teaching introductory-level undergraduate course laboratories and grading homework and lab reports for up to 20 hours per week. GRAs work with department faculty or nearby laboratories to conduct primary research leading to scholarly publications, conference presentations, and the student's thesis or dissertation. GRA stipends are determined by individual faculty members but are generally commensurate with the GTA stipends listed above. DU also offers other types of graduate financial aid.