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Research Opportunities

  • Finding a Senior Thesis Project: The best way is to talk to your professors!  Ask the ones teaching your courses what they do in their research. Talk to your fellow physics majors and GTAs, and browse the department website. When you find something that interests you, contact the professor to see if he or she has any student projects available. Most will be happy to advise a senior thesis project, but if the first person you ask can't take on a student, don't give up! He or she will help you find someone else who can.
  • Finding a Summer Research Position: The most comprehensive list of summer research opportunities (browsable by subject and location) is at comPADRE's The Nucleus site. But don't forget to talk to your adviser or other physics professor in your field of interest Often a position can be created even if it is not advertised.

Funding Sources

  • DU funding: DU sponsors a variety of student research and travel through the Undergraduate Research Center. Ask your adviser to help you with the application. This looks great on a resume!  Grad students can get partial reimbursement for research or travel expenses from GSAC or GSFF.
  • External scholarships/fellowships: Start with DU's Undergraduate Financial Aid site for general scholarships. But don't stop there -- lots of scholarships exist specifically for physics majors! The Nucleus has a good site for these; you can also ask your adviser about specific opportunities in your field of physics. Finally, make sure to join the SPS mailing list to hear about more opportunities. 

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