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PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences

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PSM Degree in Biomedical Sciences

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Program Goals

The Professional Science Master's (PSM) in Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Denver offers rigorous academic training and professional practical skills in order to prepare students for challenging careers in the biomedical sciences and allied health sciences.  The program strives to provide strong scientific knowledge and promote global-awareness, ethics, communication and other important professional skills through acquiring knowledge within and across disciplines at DU.   In addition, the students will gain knowledge of the many issues, concerns, and future directions of allied health and biomedical sciences industries.  The program offers 3 main emphases: clinical healthcare/allied health, biotech/pharmaceutical industry, and healthcare administration/policy.  Thus, the program will provide graduates with strong technical aptitude, professional competencies, interdisciplinary attitudes, globally-oriented prospective, and maturity.

Capstone Experience   

The capstone experience will include a course, an experiential project/internship, and a scholarly presentation of that project.  The capstone course, BIOL 4880: Capstone in Biomedical Sciences, will incorporate lectures, guest speakers, and class discussions focusing the many current issues and concerns facing the fields of biomedical and allied health sciences.  The capstone course will serve as a conduit for communication with several representatives from allied health graduate programs, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and private and public health services.

Students will work with the program director and representative(s) from allied health professions, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, or private and public health services to identify the student’s specific project focus.  Through the capstone experience, students will (1) gain mastery in the biomedical field by critiquing current research literature related to a specific problem or scientific question, (2) gain advanced disciplinary knowledge and professional skills by applying the appropriate modes of inquiry, research and professional skills to examine and solve a current specific problem or concern in the field of biomedical sciences, (3) integrate information across relevant disciplines in order to solve complex problems, and (4) compose an original scholarly presentation (both written and oral) that reflects the student’s individual interest, a topic of current interest in the biomedical and healthcare industries, and the integration of science with strong professional skills.

Recent Capstone Projects

 PSM Professional Advisory Board

The program will strive for active communication with several professionals outside of DU in biomedical sciences to ensure the curriculum and capstone experiences remains relevant and beneficial to both the students and the industries.  The Advisory committee is comprised of 8-12 leaders in biomedical research, biotechnology, clinical healthcare, academic allied health institutions, and hospital administration. The Advisory Committee guides the curriculum by providing input regarding the academic skill set and professional tools most sought by people hiring graduates for biomedical careers in industry or academia and for admission to professional schools.

Curriculum Design

The Professional Science Master of Biomedical Sciences degree is a rigorous one-year academic program. This master’s degree requires 45-credit hours of course work and successful completion of the written and oral defense of a capstone project.  The curriculum includes 25 credit hours of required core courses and 20 credit hours of concentration-focused elective courses.  The program director will meet individually with students to create and approve an individual plan of study

Interested in Pursuing a Degree in Biomedical Sciences?

Come visit and learn about the Professional Science Master’s program in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Denver. Find out more information about applying to the program, curriculum, advising, capstone experience.  Have all your questions about the program answered, and meet some of the current PSM students in the program. And be sure to check out the following article from the Chicago Tribune: "PSM degree is the MBA of the science world."  

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