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Denver Publishing Institute

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The Denver Publishing Institute has an extremely modest scholarship fund from which to award financial aid. The awards are made on the basis of financial need to students accepted to the program and usually cover only a portion of tuition.

To be considered for a Denver Publishing Institute scholarship, please fill out the  Publishing Institute scholarship application. You may choose to submit it with your online application as an additional document, or send it separately to the Office of Graduate Studies:

Office of Graduate Studies
Mary Reed Building
Room 5
2199 S. University Blvd.
Denver, CO 80208
303-871-4942 (fax)

Priority consideration for scholarship funds will be granted to those applying for early acceptance. As financial need is the primary consideration for our scholarships, we do ask that you fill out as much of this form as is applicable to your situation. This information is seen only by our selection committee and will be kept absolutely confidential. The information provided will have no bearing on your general application for admission.

Scholarship notification will be made simultaneously with the letter announcing acceptance.