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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

Dual Undergraduate/Graduate Degree

This program is open only to current University of Denver undergraduate students.

As a highly qualified University of Denver undergraduate student, you may combine your bachelor's degree in any field with a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree, graduating with both degrees in five years.

By earning the MSW one year sooner than would be possible if the two degrees were earned consecutively, you'll save substantial time and money.

In this dual undergraduate/graduate degree program, you'll complete your undergraduate requirements, as well as your major and minor requirements, during your first three years at the University of Denver. During the fourth year, you'll begin the MSW curriculum.

Although you will not begin the program until your fourth year of undergraduate study, it is recommended that you contact the GSSW Office of Admission for detailed information as early as possible to ensure that you complete all necessary undergraduate course requirements.