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GSSWGraduate School of Social Work

GSSW Institutes

Bridge Project

GSSW's community outreach initiative, the Bridge Project is designed to break the cycle of poverty by providing educational and career opportunities to children, youth and families in four of Denver's public housing neighborhoods. Founded in 1991, the Bridge Project is the only direct service program in the nation administered by a graduate school of social work. Through after-school and summer programs, Bridge Project students gain skills in reading, technology, robotics, outdoor education and social interaction. Volunteers provide customized one-on-one tutoring and mentoring to help prepare students to graduate from high school and attend college or trade schools. Bridge also provides these students with financial support for college tuition, books, supplies and health insurance.

For additional information about the Bridge Project, contact Assistant Professor for the Practice of Social Work Jesse Burne, executive director, or visit the Bridge Project website.

Erna and Brad Butler Institute for Families

GSSW's nationally recognized Erna and Brad Butler Institute for Families seeks to create strong systems, strong communities and strong families.

Staff at the Butler Institute are passionate about their goal of strengthening families. To meet that goal, they provide resources and support for the systems, programs and communities that families rely on. They offer tools, training and evaluation that build capacity and provide opportunities for learning, growth and improvement.

The Butler Institute for Families is proud to be housed at GSSW. For more than 20 years, Butler has been dedicated to family-strengthening work through system improvement at the local, regional and national level. Through this work, they have found that the greatest return on investment comes from a holistic and systemic approach that begins with the end in mind: Strong Systems, Strong Communities, Strong Families.

Center for Effective Interventions

GSSW's  Center for Effective Interventions (CEI) is here to work collaboratively with agencies, communities, Tribes, and governmental entities who are interested in promoting emotional and behavioral health and wellbeing for children youth and families. We are an 'intermediary organization' – meaning that we are an independent entity that can help navigate between agency needs, local culture, and the developers of evidence-based practices. The goal of such a relationship is to provide strong localized support and partner together to create strategies and approaches that are effective for the families and the agencies.

Institute for Human-Animal Connection

GSSW's Institute for Human-Animal Connection addresses the critically important relationships between animals and people through research, training and education, technical assistance, and advocacy. Multidisciplinary in focus, the Institute is the first program of its kind within a human services academic setting.

Contact Clinical Professor Philip Tedeschi, MSSW, LCSW, executive director, for more information.