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Transportation Institute

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About the Transportation Institute

Building on nearly two decades of collaboration between the transportation industry and higher education, the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver (DTI) provides a graduate management degree designed for transportation, logistics, and supply chain professionals from a top 100 university. 


The mission of the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver (DTI) is to create a distinguished network of freight and passenger transportation leaders - through education, research, and outreach - who can successfully integrate the transportation modes to develop sustainable logistics solutions that produce both customer-focused supply chains and market-responsive passenger transportation.

History and Background of DTI

Fall 1996
Intermodal Transportation Institute Created

October 1997
North American Intermodal Transportation Summit at the University of Denver

July 1999
Intermodal Founding Fathers of North America Conference

August 1999
First Master’s Cohort – Full Year Residency

October 2002
First Modular, Six-Quarter Master’s Cohort

October 2014
Intermodal Transportation Institute Board Recommends Changing Institute Name and Degree a Master's of Science in Transportation Management at the Transportation Institution at the University of Denver.

February 2015
Institute Becomes Transportation Institute at the University of Denver

Spring 2015
Approval for Degree Name Change to Master’s Degree in Transportation Management

October 2015
Cohort 14 Entered the Master's Program