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Transportation Institute

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Master's in Transportation Management

Preparing Transportation Leaders

Helping to develop the next generation of senior leaders in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries, the executive Master of Science in Transportation Management builds a unique leadership skillset. You will receive all the advantages a graduate management degree has to offer with the added value of learning transportation and supply chain concepts, best practices, and proven tools to create higher levels of productivity and profit. 

Cohort of Professionals

Join a powerful network of executives through peers, faculty, alumni, and an accomplished roster of DTI board members – all with years’ worth of valuable experience ready to be shared. Your cohort during the program is made up of mid- to senior-level leaders with five to ten years of management experience, bringing with them advanced insight to the challenges you regularly face.

Finish in 18 Months

An innovative course structure makes it viable for you to continue on your career path as you earn your master's degree in 18 months. You will attend six 1-week residencies over 18 months, plus an unforgettable 10-day international trip.

Real-World Content

The rigorous graduate-level coursework teaches you the general business management concepts of a traditional MBA program within the context of the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industry. You will develop a keen awareness of the local, national, and international impact of a transportation system, and be prepared to take on the challenges of an increasing globalization affecting the movement of people and goods through transportation. Throughout the program, you will focus on a real-world project from your organization and aim to grow revenue or improve productivity by using the strategies and skills gained in the program.

A Global Perspective

As leaders strive to make the complex global transportation system more efficient, ethical, and sustainable, the executive master's program lends comprehensive guidance to developing transportation management solutions. A week-long travel seminar provides the global experience needed to better understand foreign markets and operations.