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Department of Theatre

Degree Programs



Students who major in theater at DU learn—then practice—what it takes to produce great theater from all areas of the playhouse.

Our program breaks down theater into its many facets—from sound design to performance aesthetics to playwriting—to prepare you for any role that contributes to bringing art to life.


To earn your bachelor of arts in theater from DU, you must complete at least 55-quarter hours of theater courses. Choose among the following:

First-Year Sequence

THEA  1861   Theatre Imagination (4 credits)

  • Explore acting, directing, designing and writing through this introduction to the nature of theatricality through exercises and the study of specific plays.

THEA 1862   Discovering Dramatic Literature (4 credits)

  • Closely analyze selected dramatic texts, from Aeschylus to Caryl Churchill.

THEA 1863   Aesthetics in Performance (4 credits)

  • This course introduces students new to college to various aesthetics or styles of theater—from diverse eras (historical), locations (cross-cultural) and school of thought ("isms"). The course ends in a manifesto and performance that demonstrates each student's personal style of theater.

Acting Courses (1 quarter required)

THEA 2870   Acting I (4 credits)

  • Explore acting through physical and vocal exercises, followed by scene study.

Movement/Dance courses: (2 quarters required)

  • These movement classes—for dancers and non-dancers—may include topics such as stage combat, Broadway, period movement, tai chi, masks and storytelling, world dance styles, movement analysis, and more.

THEA 1010   Stage Movement and Dance (1 credit)
THEA 1011   Stage Movement and Dance (1 credit)
THEA 1012   Stage Movement and Dance (1 credit)

Voice Courses: (1 quarter required)

THEA 2200 Voice for the Actor (1 credit)

  • Explore and apply foundational vocal techniques for stage actors.

Design Courses: (2 quarters required; you must take THEA 2880 and at least one of the other design courses)

THEA 2880   Scenic Design I (4 credits)

  • Learn methods, techniques and procedures involved in transforming scenic concepts into actual practice.

THEA 2881   Lighting Design I (4 credits)

  • Exploration how to transform lighting concepts into actual practice.

THEA 2882   Costume Design I (4 credits)

  • Learn the art of costume designs and costume concepts, and how to bring to life those methods, techniques and procedures.

THEA 2883   Sound Design I (4 credits)

  • Explore sound design—including the methods and techniques that help bring sound to theater audiences—and put to practice the skills you gain.

Directing Courses: (1 quarter required)

THEA 2885   Directing I (4 credits)

  • Analyze the theory and practice of directing plays.

Management Courses: (1 quarter required)

THEA 3760   Stage Management (4 credits)

  • Survey, explore and apply the component parts of the stage manager's role, based on current methods by professional theater companies in the United States. Stage managers help create a fully realized work of theatrical art, born of the collaboration of numerous artists, craftspeople and technicians.

THEA 2884   Production Management (4 credits)

  • Explore the theatrical production process—including its core competencies, and their development and application throughout the collaborative process. Learn skills to ensure you're capable of successfully execute an artistic vision within the resources of a producing organization.

History Courses: (2 quarters required)

THEA 2980   Theatre History: Styles
THEA 3603   Theatre History: The Modern Theatre

Literature Courses: (1 quarter required)

THEA 3865   Seminar in Dramatic Literature
THEA 3711   Playwriting
ENGL 3220   Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances
ENGL 3221   Shakespeare: Histories and Tragedies

> > Other courses can satisfy this requirement, see Department advisor

Advanced Study Courses in Acting / Design / Directing: (1 quarter required)

THEA 3872   Acting II
THEA 3873   Acting III
THEA 3880   Scene Design II
THEA 3881   Lighting Design II
THEA 3882   Costume Design II
THEA 3885   Directing II

> > Other courses can satisfy this requirement, see Department advisor 

Senior Capstone Production:

(2 quarters required)

THEA 3861   Seminar in Theatre
THEA 3862   Practicum in Theatre