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DU Career Services

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Alumni Career Services

At DU, we care about your success—even after you graduate and leave our hallowed halls.

Through the University Career Center, we offer degree-holding alums:

  • access to Alumnifire, an exciting networking platform for alumni and students. Leverage the connection capabilities of LinkedIn and the robust job bank of
  • access to the Alumni Career Services web pages.
  • personalized career counseling with an expert career counselor. Services are free for your first year, post graduation. After that, two free sessions are available each year with ongoing low-cost services.
  • career assessment tools (at cost).
  • resume and cover letter writing resources.
  • on- and off-campus career fairs and events.
  • a variety of career-focused workshops
  • access to a range of job and internship listings.

Join the LinkedIn University of Denver Alumni Group.

Schedule an appointment through the University Career Center at 303-871-2150.

Participate in the Alumni Career Speaker Series webinars and access 90+ customized, life-stage webinars, free and available on-demand.

Alumni career contact:

Cindy Hyman alumni services

Cindy Hyman

Director of Alumni Career Programs & Student Engagement

Making a Career Change

The average American changes careers at least three times in his/her lifetime. So if you're thinking about making a career change, you're not alone. In fact, you're in the majority.

When you start thinking about making a switch, consider...

The changes you'll need to make

Depending on your current and desired careers, a career transition may require some life changes—such as relocation, going back to school (for an additional degree or simply a few classes to help you build a new skill set) or taking a lower-level position to get your foot in the door in a new industry.

The first step in any career change is to identify which changes you'll need to make and ask yourself if you are willing to make them.

Your skills, interests, experiences and education

Before you make a change, it's important to assess not only your interests and how well you'll like your new career, but also your transferable skills, relevant work experiences and relevant education. This will help you understand both how to transition (and market yourself) into your new career, and how easy the transition is likely to be.

How career services can help

Whether you're still evaluating new careers or are ready to take the plunge and make the change, we're here to help—with personalized career counseling, connections to top employers, a large professional network and a variety of career assessment tools to help you find a good fit.