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Fall on DU campus

Arts & Culture

Creative Writing

The Pen & Podium series at the Newman Center for the Performing Arts brings to campus some of the country's best-loved authors—David Sedaris, Amy Tan and Gary Trudeau, to name just a few. These must-see events generally sell out.

DU's creative writing program—one of the first in the country to offer a PhD-also brings writers to campus for readings and discussions.

Writers such as Richard Powers, George Saunders and Rosemarie Waldrop have shared their prose and poetry with students and faculty. That's in addition to the poets, playwrights, novelists and short story writers already on campus.

Undergraduates can submit their writing to Foothills, which is dedicated to and edited by undergraduate writers. And some of the country's best writing appears in the Denver Quarterly, a literary magazine published by the creative writing program.

Many students share their writing more informally, publishing their poetry and stories on their personal Portfolio Web pages, hosted free by the University.

Authors share their philosophies at DU
Discussions with faculty and alumni
Students interact with faculty and alumni