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Fall on DU campus

Arts & Culture

Visual Arts

Sculpture on DU campus
Student working on the pottery wheel
Sculpture on campus

At DU, you'll happen upon art wherever you go.

Outside the museum

DU Professor Lawrence Argent's sculpture "Whispers" sits just outside the Ritchie Center.

Dive into the Ritchie Center's Olympic-sized pool for the best view of a huge, watery-blue seascape. It was co-created by DU's own Maynard Tischler, and at 300 feet long, it's one of the largest tile murals in North America.

Or sit for a spell on one of the chatty benches that ring "Whispers," Argent's talk-of-the-campus sculpture that sits just north of the School of Art and Art History.

You can wander by the north side of the Newman Center for the Performing Arts to gaze at a stylized band of musicians created by two Denver stone carvers. The 24-foot-tall figures are sculpted in limestone bas relief.

Inside the museum

Better still, take a between-classes stroll through the Myhren Art Gallery, the Shwayder Lobby, Gallery 023 or the Museum of Anthropology.

You'll see exhibits by students displaying their work for the first time. Or you may experience work from established artists with international reputations. On occasion, you'll travel through time and space to experience work from other cultures.

If you're inspired to stretch your own canvas or spin the pottery wheel, DU provides the foundations you need to get started. All students have the opportunity to enroll in Creative Expression courses for non-art majors—classes like Keeping a Journal and Learning to Draw.