Transforming Passion into Purpose


The impact of groundbreaking technology and award winning programs go beyond DU’s campus. From robots working with autistic children to helping refugees get back on their feet, the University of Denver is touching the lives of many throughout the community around us.

A Second Chance

Knoebel Hospitality Refugee Training

They fled their war-torn native country and came to the U.S. with very little. DU’s hospitality program helps refugees restore their dignity and get training for jobs in their new home country. FOX 31 Denver takes a look at the DU’s Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management.

Engineers Study Muscles and Bones

Human Dynamics Lab

It’s a high tech approach to increasing the performance of young athletes while reducing injuries. Combining science and sports. FOX 31 Denver takes us inside the Human Dynamics Lab at DU. Learn more.

Harnessing Media to Evoke Positive Social Change

Digital Media Club

Professors and students at DU team up with South High School students and use digital media to take on important social issues. FOX 31 Denver takes a look at DU’s Digital Media Club. Learn more.

Life Long Learning

Osher Life Long Learning

Imagine going to school just for the fun of learning. That’s what students over 50 are doing at DU’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. FOX 31 Denver takes a look at the variety of topics and opportunities the institute offers to those interested in the joy of learning.

Watch Profiles of DU Members Transforming Passion Into Purpose

Therapy From A Computer

Robot Helps Children with Autism

Human interaction can be overwhelming for children with autism. The University of Denver is conducting groundbreaking work by using a robot to connect with these special needs children. FOX 31 Denver takes a look at how NAO the robot changes the lives of autistic children by helping them form emotional connections.

Bridge Project

DU Bridge Initative Project

DU’s “Bridge Project” is as much a safety net as it is a bridge. The unique program provides educational, social and economic support to children and families living in public housing neighborhoods. FOX 31 Denver profiles one graduate of the program who is giving back to her community.

From Trauma to Recovery

DU Psychology Students Consult on Flood

DU’s Professional Psychology Center helps survivors of tragedy and disaster recover and go on with their lives. FOX 31 Denver introduces you to a graduate putting her training to hard work in our community.

DU Grad Goes Back to His Roots Making a Dramatic Impact

DU Graduate Turned Principal

DU grad-turned-DPS principal, Nickolas Dawkins, follows his heart and goes back to his childhood neighborhood to mentor, lead and teach students in economically challenged communities. FOX 31 takes a look at DU’s Ritchie Program for School Leaders.

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