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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Staff Directory

Questions? We're here to help!

For general information about the types of aid available or the application process, we recommend contacting our front desk at 303-871-4020 or .

Want to meet with a financial aid advisor in person? Call us to schedule an appointment or come to our office in University Hall 255. We have advisor walk-in hours available Monday – Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.






Nashwa Bolling

Associate Director of Budget,
Research & Analysis

(303) 871-2307

John Gudvangen

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Enrollment
and Director of Financial Aid

(303) 871-4857

Brandon Huiner

Associate Director of Compliance

(303) 871-4362

Gina Kelbert

Assistant Director of Student Employment

(303) 871-4090

Heidi Markey

Associate Director of Advising

(303) 871-2331

Genile Moore

Customer Service Coordinator

(303) 871-4958

Shannon Osborne

Graduate Financial Aid Advisor

(303) 871-7584

Jennifer Quinn

Assistant Director of Graduate
Financial Aid

(303) 871-4098

Aubrey Rapacz

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

(303) 871-4233

Alex Robinson

Financial Aid Advisor

(303) 871-4091

Nathan Rudibaugh

Assistant Director of Financial Aid

(303) 871-2880

Erika Walters

Financial Aid Advisor

(303) 871-4934

Lisa Westendorf

Associate Director of Communications

(303) 871-7892

Martha Zapata

Senior Financial Aid Advisor

(303) 871-2345