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  • DU morningSeeking a great place for quiet reflection and collaborative learning? Our beautiful campus provides the perfect backdrop.
  • biennial art exhibitFor the Biennial of the Americas, Christopher Coleman and Laleh Mehran created a thought-provoking new media installation.
  • Lives of humans and animalsIn Kenya, social work students discover how the lives of humans and animals intersect.
  • Holi FestivalAt the Holi Festival, sponsored by the South Asian Student Association and DU Programming Board, happiness is spread through color.

volunteer efforts support career goals   

"To serve is to lead"

Brian Ketterman

As a member of the Pioneer Leadership Program, Brian Ketterman has volunteered countless hours at hospitals and schools, learning the value of service to the community and to his aspirations.

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Public Achievement  

Empowering high school students

High school students in public achievement

High school students know they face a world challenged by daunting problems. What they don’t always know is that they have the power to address some of these problems. That’s where the University’s Public Achievement team comes in.

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Internship opens career doors  

Landing the dream job

Carly Westerfield

Even before she claimed her degree in finance, Carly Westerfield had secured a job with a leading investment firm, thanks to an internship that gave her a chance to prove herself. Within six months of graduation, 97 percent of DU graduates have a job or are in graduate school. 

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case competition focuses on diversity 

Strategies for business 

Case competition

The Daniels College of Business stages one of the only case competitions in the country to focus on diversity and inclusion. Members of the winning team not only secure scholarship funds, they also may see their proposals implemented at a company.

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