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Leading humanitarian efforts

humanitarian crisis simulation

Students in DU's international studies, professional psychology and social work programs test their problem-solving skills in an annual simulation of a humanitarian crisis. They learn how to assess needs, coordinate resources, field media inquiries and stay calm under pressure.

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Research findings lead to programs in jails

Brain trauma among inmates

Kim Gorgens

Kim Gorgens, pictured above, of DU's Graduate School of Professional Psychology has spent a lot of time in jail recently. She's joined forces with the Denver sheriff's office and the Colorado Brain Injury Program to assess inmates for brain trauma. She shares her findings with Colorado Public Radio.

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Flashback to 2012: Obama and Romney

DU hosts a presidential debate

2012 debate: Romney, Obama

With the first presidential debate of the 2016 campaign just days away, DU looks back to its own time in the spotlight as a debate host. An estimated 67.2 million viewers watched the 2012 debate on TV. It was one of the most tweeted political events in history, with 10.3 million tweets.

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The Lamont School of Music's new season

International themes on offer

Lamont musicians

The Lamont School of Music has packed its fall schedule with international star power. Look for the world premiere of "Ode to Nature," a dance oratorio composed by Beijing's Zhou JiaoJiao, and an appearance by the Guy Mendilow Ensemble, featuring guest artists from Israel, Palestine, Argentina, Japan and the UK. Learn more