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Mission Statement for the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


ORSP is a cohesive team of professional administrators and accountants, dedicated to providing the highest quality services to the academic community in enhancing research and other scholarly activities that contribute to the mission of the University of Denver.


Trust Diplomatic
Respect Balanced judgment
Efficient Fair & Reasonable
Responsive Open communications
Service-oriented Knowledgeable
Positive Effective
Energetic Professional
Responsible Available
Resourceful Approachable
Self-fulfillment Extended service
Accepting of diversity Supportive
Affirming of diversity  
Accountable (appropriate controls)
  • To ourselves
  • To P.I.'s
  • To DU
  • To Sponsor


    Our mission as a department is to serve the needs of University Research, Scholarship, and Creative endeavors. We interact with faculty, researchers, university administrators, sponsoring agencies, and collaborating universities/companies and their employees. We focus our resources on the project and financial services that best meet their needs, whether they are identifying funding opportunities, proposal assistance, project and fiscal administration, financial reporting and analysis, or something new.

    In support of our mission we focus on:

    • Providing high quality, reliable, and timely support services from the best team of trained, motivated, and ethical employees, supported by the best technology;
    • An efficient department, which supports research endeavors as being financially viable under any circumstances;
    • Striving constantly to improve what we do and how we do it;
    • Respecting and encouraging others.


    (Final 9/24/02)

    1. To enhance the environment for research and other sponsored activities by:

    a. Initiating and implementing policies and procedures to assure the highest level of support for the PI(s), the protection of University interests, and the compliance with regulatory requirements.
    b. Developing positive relations with

    i. DU faculty and researchers,
    ii. DU administrators,
    iii. DU department administrators,
    iv. OSP co-workers,
    v. External research administration community.

    c. Developing processes and using technology to its fullest advantage to

    i. Expedite proposals, awards, financial transactions, and reporting;
    ii. Increase communication among ORSP, DU, and external entities.

    2. To support and promote sponsored activities at DU by:

    a. Working with faculty to actively identify and develop funding opportunities to support research and other scholarly programs.
    b. Acting as liaison with the sponsor to represent the best interests of the PI and the University.
    c. Processing proposals as accurately and efficiently as possible, meeting deadlines, assuring that all project and university costs are covered.
    d. Reviewing, negotiating and accepting awards (grants, contracts, subcontracts) that contribute to the interests and goals of the University, department, and PI(s).
    e. Communicating with the University academic and administrative communities, including providing education and training, regarding grant and contract issues as effectively as possible.
    f. Processing award actions in an efficient and effective manner.
    g. Processing project/program expenditures in an efficient and effective manner.

    3. To comply with all regulatory and policy requirements of sponsors, the government (federal, state, and local), and the University by

    a. Administering programs to review proposed projects/programs for compliance with regulations regarding

    i. conflict of interest,
    ii. human research subjects,
    iii. animal care and use,
    iv. biosafety,
    v. security (including arms and export control),
    vi. and other regulatory compliance areas.

    b. Managing audit program to assure on-going compliance with approved protocols.
    c. Providing reports to sponsors, government, and/or University administration as needed/required (including timely processing of close-out documents).

    4. To demonstrate fiscal responsibility by:

    a. Processing financial transactions in a timely manner, meeting deadlines.
    b. Contributing to most effective cash flow possible by assuring the timely management of:

    i. collection of revenue,
    ii. uncollectibles,
    iii. unallowable expenses,
    iv. overruns,
    v. clearing/holding accounts (funds).

    c. Providing financial reports and analyses to PIs, University administration and sponsors as needed/required.
    d. Providing support for audit functions as needed or required for either internal or external oversight.